Tail block wood

What are the white lines between the layers of wood? They’re perfect.

If you’re refering to the purple heart tail block - I used wood from a fruit crate brought aboard in Africa. (I work on a Merchant ship)

Safe (no oil bleed) = Walnut, Mahagany, Purple Heart, Poppler, Basswood, Redwood, Cedar, Balsa, Bamboo, oak, birch, Kiri, Koa, Zircote, Bocote, Kingwood, Ipe, Tauari, Wenge, ??

Gents, as a newbie collecting notes I just want to say thanx for all of your input.

Most of the custom boat guys either use an acetone wipe,

or this stuff for laminating oily wood, it is smith’s tropical hardwood epoxy.

Really good stuff, I’ve seen purple heart laminated to iroko to teak to ipe,

in layers as arm rests and seat backs on custom sport fishing boats,

the resin bonds with epoxy & vinylester, after sanding, not sure about poly.


The only ones I’ve done have only ever been with mahogany/balsa or mahogany and spruce, but thats just because I can pick them up at the end of the street. Hard Woods are very expensive and hard to come by here.

I like the idea of using the fruit create, Ill have a look at the local green grocers for leftovers.