Tail protecttion


I’ve noticed in a few pics on US surfing sites that some people use ‘tail guards’ on their swallowtails.

What a great idea! and not one that I’ve come across over here in the UK.

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get one(pref ship overseas)

I love swallow tails but they’re prone to dings…maybe I’ve turned a corner!


the swordfish

SurfCo Hawaii

I’ve got an old used one that’ll need glueing on…

PM me if you’re interested.

It’s good to recycle stuff although I’m sure Dave would appreciate the business and can hook you up with a local distributor… He’s a good guy and a good company founded on surf safety.

I have them on all of my boards and they work great I have no cracking on any of my boar but on my dads egg it started coming off along with some fiberglass so he repaired the board and hot glued it back and theres been no problem since

buy one try out and you will like it

are there any performance issues? I mean that’s where all the water flows off. My swallowtails also take a bit more abuse but I’m not sure it’s worth the tradeoff in performance/drag/speed

dave says no negative impact on performance

If you placed them so they hanged off there would be drag of course but not much at all

I have had not any preformance issues with them