Tail thickness

Do you think having a thick nose and tail is a problem for riding a shortboard? When you want do add more volume to a board, why only increase the thickness at the wide point and not at both ends with the same middle thickness?

thick tail = boat. if you wanna bury your tail into the lip and come out clean and smooth go thin …if you want it to cork out so you blow your timing and lose flow go thick …what about tail area ? what type of waves???big guy small guy???need more information?? regards BERT

Hi Bert, My question is not intended to a particular board, just a standard shortboard, let’s say a 6’6. I was just wondering if a thick tail is detrimental to surfriding. I’m not a big guy, so maybe a thick tail would be harder to push under water… I was just wondering why “modern” tails are so thin… Thanks, Pierre

Thickness can give you lift, width can give you lift, concaves can give you lift. They all work as long as your bottom shape and outline are all syncronised.

yes …many variables indeed … a thinner tail is easier and quicker to go from rail to rail in the pocket regardless of other factors … regards BERT