Tales from the Darkside//Reaching for the Brass Ring

Let me tell you a story…

A story of a man that put his life events on paper, encouraged by friends and others to write…only to get it rejected.

So many red marks and blacked out areas that even he couldn’t make sense of it anymore…

Rejection is good,it shows us how far not to go.

Then all of a sudden a phone call.Seems the man just got cut out of the loop…again.

Publishers will reep,ghostriders will reep,the cinema industry will reep.

The Man …

He will go back to his basics and start over…build a few boards…staying un-involved,silent.

The basics ask…“Where have you been? long time no see”…The man states,“I was in a high place trying to grab the brass ring again”

The basics laugh and says, “Oh fell off ,huh”.


The Man replies," NO ,I was pushed off.

                                                                                        the end.

Rejection is good,it shows us how far not to go

…Or how high to jump to clear the debris


The man states,“I was in a high place trying to grab the brass ring again”

The basics laugh and says, “Oh fell off ,huh”.

Reading this brought to mind the following abused and possibly not verbatium quote from Hunter Thompson:

“I’d rather soar with Pigs at night than wallow with Eagles in the morning.” Funny…I no longer recall the words clearly, but I think it expresses the sentiment. I hope…

One does need to remember old adages about reaching for Brass Rings though, Herb. Somebody ought to be able to come up with some good zen perspectives; I’m too keyed up this morning.

puk em

self publish small batch

they will buy you after its done

friend self pubbbed and random skribbler

gave em a big check not to sell em…

self pub in your own creeetive control

shove the world view up the AARPs werer the sun dont shine and the place where they do their best reading.

or wait twenty years for your kids to reap the …My dad!!!


plastic bombastic hi=profile hype junkie userous

older brothers and sisters w/out

commitment to any cause but

their own cheerleader control

of established false mores.

driving a better car than most to work at 9

surfing trust fund waves

and they cant …ouite…turn…


Inde films dont come from mattel


Ordered a couple books from there. Works well from the customer standpoint. Not sure how it is from the writers side. Gets it in print and in peoples hands though.

Hell, you’d probably do pretty well off of Swaylocks alone…

Perhaps you could try less long gaps between sentences, it could be that a book with 75% empty paper is expensive to produce !


I’ll buy one though if you publish it, any illustrations ?


speaking of ‘brass rings’, and ‘open gaps’, we have plenty of both in my line of work .If you ever feel like being entertained, you are welcome to drop around ANY time , Herb [we won’t tell the wife or Grace , now , will we ?]

petra sycho

I’d like that P but I think I’m out of your class range…bet I could show you a trick or two though.

I’d buy one Herb, red and black marks galore, people will wonder what the blanked out bits were, hell, they’d even make their own corrections.

Just to make the story flow…

But only if it had PICTURES…

Some rare pics,and some art/illustrations by me as well.Herb

Heck I’m still waiting for BlueNut to log on himself again…he’s so stupid he doesn’t even know he’s stupid…lol.

Rejection is just another form of experience. The more experience you get, the more likely you’ll succeed!

blessed aare those thet dont

recognize the evolution of literature/language

the red pen is only as good as the know shipe guys that agree.

whenst the thees roll wit the thous

and the whose ram the youse

ant damon runion gets published and

popped into broadway production


will the pop addicted identity whitebread society


voraciously on the next Iconified Character

to be this carbon unit strikes fear on the heart of the

pure genius,self publishing makes the Know shipe guys

stay at arms length and only the cognizant will break the code.

Yes the code is the grail to shut out the whatdat bees?

contriving nuances in the riff maintains the rift

that truely sets apart the like minded to revel in

the thought that we can be special and unique

roll on columbia on to the sea

praise woody guthrie

an old man in pain

some woould just writ him off insane

his gift to us was that we are relevant

we who go down to the sea

on chips,platters,stubbies ,planks,and logs

shocking to those who dissmiss us as mere dogs.


watch that chome hummer

the guy inside is correcting prose

Red is just a nother color. Green, not red, no green, no red. whatever. I defer to Ambrose. A bit of tequilla with good board talk? Herb, You’re already there. Been there. Done that. Proud to think of you as friend. F… em mike


Heck I’m still waiting for BlueNut to log on himself again…he’s so stupid he doesn’t even know he’s stupid…lol.

Your inflated sense of self worth is always a shock.

Another fantasy, another failure.