tax grab

Billabong Freesurfer David Rastovich has been selected from more
than 2000 Australasian applicants to be trained by former US Vice
President Al Gore at The Climate Project - Australia Asia Pacific
Summit (A-P Summit) in Melbourne in 11 - 13 July.

Building on the work of The Climate Project - Australia, the A-P
Summit will bring together 300 people representing a diverse cross
section of industry, advocacy and broad social groupings from
Australasia and the Asia Pacific region. Mr Gore and a panel of
international experts will provide the training hosted by the
Australian Conservation Foundation.

Rastovich will have the chance to help focus and re-invigorate the
Asia Pacific’s regional response to climate change in the lead into the
critical UNCCC Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

It’s a big opportunity for the passionate environmentalist, who was
selected based on his work protecting the marine environment and the
foundation of his own organisation Surfers For Cetaceans.

“I think anyone passionate about protecting the environment and the
issue of Climate Change would jump at the chance to listen to and learn
from Al Gore,” said Rastovich.  “Part of attending this summit is to
become an advocate for climate change and to pass on the messages
through my own activities.”

“I feel Climate Change plays a large part in the issues I’m
passionate about, especially the protection of marine mammals such as
Whales and Dolphins.”

“The A-P Summit has a specific focus on the unique window of time to
act on climate change. Together A-P Summit delegates will inspire
people from the region to make a difference at global level,” said
Angela Rutter, Manager of The Climate Project ‑ Australia.

One in seventy five Australians have now seen a presentation
delivered by one of the 250 Al Gore trained Climate Project presenters
working throughout communities in Australia.


this is the bigest load of bull& a seting up of the bigest tax grab in my lifetime

**& i do not agree not one bit  anyone who would listen to al gore has rocks in there head.

they should just hire 300 thugs to walk around to furniture shops giving headbuts to anyone that buys kwila furniture

then send them to woolworths to give wedgies to people that buy virgin white 3 ply ass paper

Does this mean Dave gets to hang out at Big Al's energy consuming mansion and fly in his private jet while they figure out a solution to this problem?  Someone remind Dave there's no surf in Tennesse.  Mike

You may pull your head under a rock.........

any rock u might find in ur neck of the woods.......

global warming is a fact, not a theory, not a guess, not a wish.....

if u don't do anything, then u are part of the problem....

why put someone down that u don't know or don't surf with?

I think that u are in your cups too much for this board....

it is frustrating and disgusting that governments are “using” the environment as an way to generate tax income. In europe we have the highest taxation on the planet and no small amount of it is “environment tax” like 40 % of your energy bill, furthermore general taxation is like  90% of the fuel cost and between 20 to 55% of your income, and then 19% on your consumption. People refer to the “rich” europe but it’s only our governments that were rich, since credit crisis all the loot has gone to prop up a failed banking system…


Knowing this though, I still have respect for Rasta and his drive to make awarness and attention to issues like the plight of whales and the environment.



I don't know Dave Rastovich or Al Gore.  I love to watch video of Dave surfing.  Other than that, I don't really care what he does or who he hangs out with as long as he isn't hurting other people.  I do know Al Gore is a hypocrite.  He does not live the way or make the sacrifices he expects the rest of us to make to solve environmental issues.  He's a very poor choice as spokesman for global warming or energy use. He lacks credibility.  Just my opinion.  Mike

I think global warming is gonna happen no matter what we do.From what ive seen it tends to go in a cycle much like a sine wave.I think we would be foolish to think we can control the earths climate.The unsustainable use of resources is something i think we should be more concerned about, trying to use less resources in daily life i reckon is the buisness.I try to cycle to work, we use cloth nappies for the sprog(which actually works rather well), recycle.but at the end of the day most of us westerners are pretty bad, the consumer way of life is designed to guzzle resources imo.

Trying to stop glabal warming isn't going to happen. But we can reduce our contribution to it so that we are not excelerating the process. Also, I agree with you that we, the human race, need to reduce our consumption of the earths resources and need to focus on living sustainably. I think a great description of the human race comes from the movie "The Matrix" when Morpheus is captured and the guy is explaining his classification of humans.