Hey all, are there any shapers in here willing to sell or give a new shaper like myself a few templates??

They’re so easy to make off of existing boards you don’t really need to copy other templates, also it is hard to tell if you’ll actually like a template till you use it as it’s hard to see the curves properly untill it’s on a board. If you do template an existing glassed board remember that the shaped blank was about 1\8 inch narrower at all points so hold the template material 1\16 inch over the centerline (stringer). Boards with removeable fins are the easiest to take a template off of. Once you have a good template collection you can pretty much shape anything. Surfboard outlines are just a few diffrent curves put together. the curves really never change, it’s just the way you move them around that changes. I’m using some curves I’ve had for 30 years that I still use, even for short boards. aloha

I have to agree with Tom,making templates are easy.J.C.'s shaping 101 has a good section on templates.I have loads of temps(200+),but I only use my favorites WHICH INCLUDES;4 short/midsize spin temps,and 4 halfbodies.Remember,you work the linecurves ,don’t let the linecurves work you! don’t get dusty!