i was wondering if anyone knew where to find a good template or two because im tring to create my first longboard but its not coming along so well, any advice?






Either use one in the library (C) or modify one (B) or create your own (A+++)…

Then transfer to a piece of masonite or plywood or whatever. Have fun!

alright thanks!

You should check out this material called Sintra. It’s sheet PVC. Get it in white 1mm thick. You can cut it with house sissors and use your hand plane then sand paper to true up the outline you are designing. When you are truing up the template set it on the shelf in the shaping bay, lean it on the wall and stand back from it. You’ll be able to see any high spots or low spots. This will help you creat a nice smooth outline (If thats what you want). Next choosing the tool for cutting the outline out is important. Shapers use so many diff. ways to cut out an outline. I use a circular saw with a masonary blade. I’ve found that this works best for me. Whatever tool you chose your aim is to cut it out smooth while keeping the cut 90deg. You’ll prob opt for a hand saw. If you choose this tool WD40 on the blade will help make it easier to cut. Last and most most important. When screening the rails DON’T OVER SCREEN/SAND. Every time you run the screen over the template you are sanding the true template away.

Don’t worry too much about your first shape. Have fun and enjoy the process! =) It’s great you’re trying your hand at this! You’ll have a better understanding of what a shaper does and poss. start making boards for your friends!The path of shaping is a long and hard one! Don’t be affraid to make mistakes. The mistake you think you made might be the next design trend! =)


   Mike Woo

thanks thats helps much more! il look around town to where i can find this material =D

They usualy carry it at a shop that sells plexiglass.


Not 100% sure if they carry sintra but your first place to try would be Industrial Paint and Plastics if you’re in victoria (I’m assuming…?). Their number is 250 727-3545 and they’re on Oak St. by the future shop. They carry the resins you’ll need but you’ll have to order in laminating resin probably, they’ve never had surfboard resin without wax when I’ve needed it. Only takes a few days usually for them to get it though.

The other option for getting a template is tracing a buddy’s board that you like a lot! …That’s sweet because you can borrow it for a few waves here and there and know that you’ll dig that shape, and also you can have it handy when you’re shaping so you can compare your developing blank with the existing board. Helpful when it comes to where the concaves should be etc. I totally eyeballed my first longboard (only 8’, not a true longboard 'cause I was reshaping an old broken longboard and lost that length) and made a mess of the nose rocker. But as someone said, don’t stress about getting it perfect too much.

If you ARE in victoria and you want an extra set of hands glassing pm me.

ok cool no im not in victoria im in vancouver but thanks because there an industiral plastics around me somewhere.

oh sick yeah for sure thatd be rad if u could glass for me and i was also wondering if u were to glass for me how much would it coast for a 9' and if i could stay and watch and learn?

Oh yeah too bad you’re in van, would be super easy if you were here in vic. No worries.

No I didn’t mean I could glass for you, mainly because I’m not good enough to want to take that kind of responsibility for anyone’s project! :slight_smile: I just meant that I could maybe swing by and help out with it to help streamline a bit. It’s a bit hectic the first couple times, I think, especially doing a longer board. If you had the extra time and cash it would be almost worth it to do a shorter board, like a super simple little stubby egg or something, just to buy the extra time. Unless you’re using epoxy, in which case you have more time so it’s not quite as essential to be 100% efficient. I had some glassing nightmares with my first board, catalyzing too much etc.

I was hoping you’d be in vic because I have a flexible schedule and it would be super easy for me to come by whenever you were going to be glassing; as it is I can still help out, although for most questions I would recommend first reading in the archives and then asking in the forum if you can’t find the answer there. You can pm me too and if it’s something I have any idea about I can point you in the right direction. When the time comes I can help you out with fin installation stuff too, if you’re using FCS or probox.

Greenlight surf supply has a few templates

Hey coastboarder I sent you a pm about glassing.