Thai stick ..


Totally agree with what you said. Hopefully this economic downturn will cause some introspection in local communities and encourage the think global act local way of life.

Across the board it’s our only hope of a sustainable future lifestyle.

edit - not trying to start anything here but I saw on the news that many China toy factories are going belly up leaving thousands unemployed.

Signs of the times ?



we all have to make money to live. The other guys in my area don’t like what I am doing , they were here first. Webber , Mctavish and crew are doing what they have to do to make money. I am a train driver, coal trains , raping the earth for it’s riches ,that is what I have to do. The consumer is the one who controls ther destiny. I was looking at a global industries Mc tavish mal yesterday nice board for a replica. I can pay the same price for an original. I am sure if any of us on swaylocks were to be approached by cobra or global to do a rang of boards we would jump at it. Money for jam. but I can get an original at home.

yep. ive learned about sways shortly after buying the board. now im learning alot

Don’t disagree with anything both you and Mooneemick have to say regarding our way of maintaining our crafts, goods and services.

Of course being a Thai/Aussie family gives me a different stance on Thai products to others.

My wife and I make our living producing handicrafts from fabric my wife’s extended family weave by hand on backstrap looms. Total cottage industry supporting all our families with only a couple of Singer sewing machines using very little power so our footprint is very respectable.

By settling on a couple of tough GSI epoxy boards I’ve cut down on my consumption of petro-chemicals and my creation of waste in the form of discarded boards by a large margin because of their durability.

Sure they aren’t custom made, resin tinted, volan glassed pieces of art but they are Toyota tough.

Still got a few Ferrari like boards for rare un-crowded days.

Just for the record … : )

I don’t intend to buy one of the Webbers.I’m interested in so called alternative design and I might like to use Webber’s concept on a future project ( a big boy thruster).The guy’s respected and knows what’s up, so if he’s talking I’ll listen _ but I’m also interested in how the boards feel to other 'men in the street ’ like me.It’s quite a point of difference he’s got going there with the deep doubles , long raked twin fins etc.

Greg Webber is a brilliant and inovative shaper and you spend your money how you see fit.