Thank you Schwuz (first compsand project)

Compsand project numero uno.

I’m a recent transplant to Corpus Christi and was lucky enough to begin my Third Coast shaping adventures with a compsand project a-la Schwuz. This 5’10 quad fish was actually in the works at the same time as the beautiful bonzer that Schwuz posted recently . . . just took me a little longer to wrap things up.

Schwuz is a patient teacher, a talented and resourceful craftsman, and a truly generous soul. He welcomed me into his workshop and shared his experience, tools, and supplies–including the freshly milled Equadorian balsa that he brought home from a recent trip.

Schwuz, thanks for everything, have a great trip, and we look forward to having you back in the neighborhood in a few months.

Aw schwucks…

It was a pleasure to have someone to share and build with for a change, especially such a eager and talented shaper as yourself. And patient, did I mention patient? :wink: I think I got as much out of it as you did. Wish you had come a year ago, we’re really going to miss you guys. sniff, sniff

Anyway, back to business!

Can you get some bigger photos uploaded? Those shots really (really) don’t do it justice, and you have got to get a good one of that bottom, that’s the prettiest part of the board!

Great avatar by the way. Tell him I said “woof”.

Beautiful board

you are very fortunate to have made the acquaintance of such a fine craftsman so early in your compsand career. After your first ride you will have a hard time going back to making them the easy way.

I am glad my board never have to be seen next to Shwuz’s. Can you say inferiority complex.


Ok, Schwuz, bigger images up above, just for you . . .

Great board, worthy of your master. I’m wondering if you lap the deck skins over the balsa rails or if you butt the balsa rails onto the deck/foam/bottom? Or if, like Benny< you have one layer of balsa under the deck?

Also where are you sourcing the full length balsa?

Much better pics! Still need to see that bottom though!

For llilibel:

Deck lapped over the rails.

And the full-length balsa was milled by myself and checked as baggage on my recent trip to Ecuador. I owe Andres “skip” Kozminski of BIG for that bundle of balsa.

Very Nice!

Are you venting your compsands ? Is it #1 EPS ?

Looks like a fun ride. -matt

Jeff, looks great! Can’t wait to see what you a Shwuz come up with in the future.

BTW- that EPS quad you shaped me is still going strong. Last few swells we had were shortboard material, so I was ready to ride her for the first time in a long time this AM, but the warm-weather windshift happened too early and spoiled my session before it began. bummer.

Thanks all around for the good words. . .

Matt -yes, 1lb eps but no vent.

Great work, really terrific job.

Say, why the move from South Cackalacka to Texas? Reckon that’s a little bit of bad to worse, as far as your wave count is concerned.