Thanks from Cleanlines

Just wanted to thank you folks for all of your support and cards wishing me well.Just got out of the hospital today and should be fine with a few weeks of physical therapy.I am lucky to be alive.I will keep in touch giving you updates as get better.More later Roger Brucker (cleanlines)

Welcome back Roger! Here’s to a rapid and complete recovery. I’m really stoked to hear you’re home and doing better.

it is great to hear your out of the hospital and feeling well enough to be online. We are glad to have you back with us. Take care and you’ll be strong and healthy in no time.

Thanks again for all your contributions to this site.

Out of the hospital and back on Swaylocks in the same day…that’s hardcore!

Wishing all the best for a speedy total recovery,


That is terrific news!! Knew you could do it with all the folks on Swaylocks pulling for you. You are well liked and respected for all you have done for others. Bet you will be back in the shop in no time. That’s therapy too, isn’t it?


that’s a miracle … stoked you’re alive and well and… “B-A-C-K !!”

A complete recovery to you Roger !

I have appreciated your posts heaps in the shortish time I’ve been here …keep up the good work !




I just want you to know that you do make a difference. Along with UV Resin, your master glasser DVD inspired me to start glassing my own boards again. Mahalo for your great contribution to surfboard building. Take good care of your health and God bless you!


Good to hear from you Roger. Was thinking about you last night as I pulled the tape on several boards I had pinlined. Couldn’t have done it without you man. Take care.

Tom S.

Best news I’ve heard all day!!!


So glad you are back with us. Godspeed in your recovery.


So niceto hearyour voice again. May God and the best from your brethren here on Swaylock's help speed you to the bestof health. A prayer for you.

Ride on, Tom


Great to have you back with us!


Glad to see you’re out of the hospital… Best wishes.

Herb Bean

Right On!!! Good to hear you are up and around, God sure smiles on Dudes like you who so unselfishly share your blessings. Thank you a TON for for all your posts and the great info in the Master glassing video.


excellent news!!! i know the crew here is most happy to hear of your recovery and that you are back-success to you in your therapy/recovery.

Welcome back Roger…It really wasn’t the same place without you.

Fantastic! It was a great thing to see your post. Get well quick.


Glad you’re back. I’m sure it’s been a longer / tougher road than we can imagine, but the Sway team is now complete and the quality of boards being shaped and glassed by all will greatly improve just knowing you’re here again.