Thanks, Halcyon, very cool quads.

If this comes across as gloating, uh… sorry, maybe I am, but you’ll have to forgive me when you see the fins below. Hope I can do them justice. The first set on the orange Stretch are mine. (Not the board, that’s Rich’s) The next set are very similar, but only Rich can tell you how they differ (other than the obvious).

Here are mine. Per Rich: 5.325 Mental & 4.0 Sharky set at 5

degrees and 2 degrees respectively. The Mentals have a subtle

undercamber and the Sharkys are double foiled.

Per Rich: The fins on the Green 8.5 Goin are 5.125 Fab and 4.0 Mokarran trailers. the

lead fins have farily aggressive undercamber and the Mokarrans are double

foiled with slight concaves on either side of the both sides of the fin just

behind the vertical cord.

Its ok to be jealous.

Thanks Greg! I can’t wait for my quad set up (really close to yours), but that second set up looks really interesting to. Would be great if Rich explained the difference between both. The lead fins on the second one look powerful.

I’d like to read your review comparing Halcyon’s to different fin set ups.

By the way, can you tell us your weight and height and how’s your quad?

Thanks again.


Coque, thx, I’ll let you know how they do in the water, and compare them to a stock set of Futures. The board they will go on is 6-8 ish with a 15 inch tail. I say “ish” because I cut the nose back about 1.5 inches. Still maintained good rocker entry. I’ll put a pic of it up with the fins. I weigh 165 pounds after a big meal, which I believe is about 75 kilos or about 1.2 euros or 1,200,000 lira. ha.

hi Greg !!


5 1/2 yearly check-in !


...HOW did they go , ?    I  HOPE you still have them , and still ride them , mate ?!

  I ask because I came across this thread , while searching for photos of  "mental[s] by 'Halcyon"  [ as the "my fin tinkerings"  photos for today featured something 'slightly' similar ?]


I didn't realise you had a quadded setup ?? So , I thought YOU would definately be THE guy to ask , for feedback ...


  cheers Greg !



Hey, Ben. Yes i still have them. I sold the board a while back and havent used them since but they are strong performers. I have another board in mind now to build and will use these fins. But it will be a while.

But i would be honored to loan them to you for 6 months. PM me with yoir info and i will send along straight away.

I’m in line with Rich for a twinzer set, but i haven’t heard from him in a while. Maybe he is reading this…

Let me hear from you on the loan.

All the best.

that is a VERY generous offer , Greg , and I thank you VERY much !


  Unfortunately , I have the reverse problem to dear bazza snyder ...


  HE has 'Futures' boxes  only , in his boards

While , I have fcs plugs only , in my boards ?


 Maybe , Barry [being a fellow fin tinkerer , and not so distant geographically ] could try them out ??? 


Like yours truly ,   he , too, seems keen to experiment with fins  !  And , the futures fins he has made look good , so maybe ... a  swap , perhaps ? [I hope I'm not talking out of line , suggesting this ?]


Also , my brother Simon [ who is 'Lazarus' , here at Sways ] , has 'Futures' boxes  in his boards , so ??? maybe??? 


.... I know Simon would look after them , and return them .


Rooster very kindly sent me some futures boxes  AND some lokboxs , a while back , so ... in theory , it hopefully "may" be 'doable' , at 'some' stage , down the track ??


  The 6'5  50% shaped blank I have is , at this stage anyway , looking to be 'proboxed'  [?quad, possibly?] , as my myriad of fins need to be tested in some different boards to just the walden , the mal , and the 6'11" bullett, I think !


  Again , MANY thanks for the very generous offer , Greg , and maybe 'one day'  [I hope !] ...  but , definately,  if you find someone else in the meantime [eg: bazza] keen , and with 'Futures' already in their boards , by all  means , they can take priority.


  If you have 'F.C.S.' plugs [?] in any of your boards[?] ...

maybe , likewise , I could send you a pair [of side fins ] for some kind of 'Stingray'-type ["let's make a ] deal" arrangement  , eh ?


  cheers Greg !

Please , keep up the experimenting ... and THANKS for the followup on these fins !  I hope Rich / ' Halcyon ' is doing well, I miss his postings here , and I LOVE the photos of his fins , when he DOES post  ... they look GREAT !

  ben fins tinkerer  etc