Thanks to Huck I got a new board last summer

A short note of thanks from the Carolina coast for Huck—  I was looking for a new board, a main board for about 2 years, something that would handle knee high to overhead, single fin maybe, still hang five but drive down the line and move like mad— something special.  As I still have no space or skills to build such a thing I kept reading, looking et al. and Swaylocks is always a part of research and inspiration.  I came across Huck’s Ugly Stepsister and the rest is history… I read and tracked down the Stepchild by Steve Brom.  I tracked down Steve Brom and after much insightful discussion the process started.  Steve, who I have to say  is a lot of fun to talk to, shaped me a gorgeous 8’6" Stepchild that I have been putting through the paces since it arrived in the spring.  It truly is my one board quiver.  Its my go to board period- like I said - small and junky to big and junky to whatever and clean, hollow so far so good-  This board goes beyond any and all expectations I had.  So thank you Huck because if it wasnt for Swaylocks and specifically the board you shaped and show in the Quiver, I wouldnt have my gorgeous Stepchild or the particular realtionship with Steve Brom that comes with having a custom board shaped (even 3000 miles away)  So to you I say Maholler!

Hey thanks sheepdog good to hear how things turned out for you!  Please post up pics of your Steve Brom custom - would love to see it!

I only rode that board once, then someone saw it who just had to have it, and I ended up parting ways with it. Hope to build another someday.

Here you go!  Hopefully you can see them okay

And I am glad the Ugly Stepsister is out there in the waves!

And now back to quietly figuring out what the hell Im doing and how to do it!?!