Thanks to Sways; 1st compsand

Well I finally took a minute to take some pictures of my first compsand. The board

is a traditional log, 10’x23" with #1 eps core, 1/8" balsa veneer and 5/8" balsa rails.

The glassing schedule included single 4oz under, single 4oz over for a total weight of

18 lbs.

I have to say thanks to swaylockers Keith Melville for most of the balsa on this

board, and to Silly and Benny1 for their tips and advice, as well as all those who have

contributed to the archives here. Without this help, I never would have even attempted

this build.

I took the board out for the first time on Thanksgiving day (november 23) and have

ridden it on four other occassions ranging from ankle slappers to chest high. Initially

I was using a 10" wingnut long rake fin (not in pics) and was very impressed with the

responsiveness of the board. The rails are fairly pinched with the traditional style

rounded rail through the tail. It noserides very well and feels very solid when fading

left on take off and turning right.

Beautiful work Vern! I really like your t-band stringer look. Redwood? Its good with the balsa & the block.

So…were you ready for all the conversations it starts in the water & the parking lot? :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben,

That’s funny. I took it down the other day and It was bigger than I expected so I paddled out on another board. I had to leave it on the beach with my wife so it would’nt be sticking out the back of my truck in the parking lot. Poor girl was trying to field the questions. She did pretty well !

Yes, the t-band and tail block are redwood. -matt

Hi Vern, looks great! Can you fill us in on the construction method used?




your a legend

i wish my first turned out that nice

(actually i wish my last one turned out that nice)

i glad you got it happening

im sure it is an amazing board and will be the start of a exciting journey


That board is sweeeeet! Job well done!



I started with a block of #1 EPS, hotwired the rocker. Cut the outline and fully shaped the board, which was kind of hard because the eps is so floppy without a stringer. I just used the off-cuts and some supports while shaping to hold it in place. I then cut-off 5/8" from the outline and glued 1-layer of 1/8"balsa along the rail outline using some 5 minute epoxy. I prepared the Balsa deck and bottom skins by glueing up the planks into sheets and cutting a rough outline. I wet-out a layer of 4oz glass with 6oz of epoxy, un-folded it onto the bottom skin, placed it on the blank and put it and the eps rocker off-cuts into the bag. Same for the deck. Next attached the nose and tail blocks, then the remainding 1/2" rail material with 1/8" strips of balsa (5 minute epoxy is your friend, just ask silly). Shaped the rails, clean-up the skins, and sealed the whole thing with a thin layer of epoxy. Laminated a single layer 4oz on the deck and bottom and hotcoated like a standard board. Oh yeah, and installed the finbox and ventplug.

Here’s a couple more pics.


Thanks, you were a big help. Starting on a couple more already (shortboards) !

Hey Matt! Nice board. If you need more balsa, just holler. Did you thin those planks down to 1/8 or did you get some other balsa for the skins? just curious.



Hi Keith,

I milled the stuff I got from you down to 1/8" with a band saw. It cleaned-up nicely once it was on the board. Alot of them were thick enough to get two 1/8" planks. I only needed to purchase some for the rails.

I really appreciate the offer. I’ll give you call before I’m down that way again. My best to you and your family ! -matt

de nada, glad you could make such fine use of it. happy holidays!!

Nice build photos. Amazing #1. I’m a little jealous. :slight_smile:

very nice!!! gives me inspiration for a compsand sup… what did you use for a pump setup?


glad i could help

shorties are a challenge

very easy to overbuild and get a stiffy

pm me

thanks for the feedback! I’m putting my plan together for a compsand after scouring the archives and any info is appreciated.

That’s SOOOOOOO Nice!!!



I must admit, I’m not quite as industrious as some here. I just purchased the pump and kit from Joe woodworker (see photo). It was very simple to build and worked perfect straight away. The way I looked at it, if I were to give up on bagging I could always get my money back on the pump from ebay. The difficulties I encountered were more centered aroung the bag itself and included lots of experimenting and dry-runs.

If you wanted to maybe get rid of it, let me know pre-ebay… Im a very wealthy man on vanuvatu, so my payment will be delivered in pigtusks.