thanks very much , Woody Waverider and Speedneedle !!

i got your post presents , thanks !!


  'Woody' ,  that bodysurfing handboard is BEAUTIFUL , mate !!  you're a master craftsman , Danny Hess would be proud !! [ now i just need to wait for the school holiday kiddies to go away [next monday they are due to return to school , yay !!] ]


  speedy , thanks very much for the moola , received wednesday


  i posted off the panels to you in an express postpak , so hopefully they 'should' be arriving on monday next week , all going well. i hope you enjoy them . of course , feel free to re-template them with whatever [the marker lines rub off with an eraser ]


  okay....cheers again , guys !!



Hey Chip,


My package arrived! Nice one...I like it...I like the colours. I'll have fun. Just for me these ones.



Hey Chip,


I'm glad I can rely on the postal service. Remember what Grandma says on your birthday?


Don't spend it all at once!


Anyway, I'm tossing up what I'll make out of the panel. As my snail-mail letter said, I'm up for a fat-old-man board myself, but I'm not sure what set-up I'll have.


Hmm...I still have Wildy's Inline set-up to try out too.




great stuff

will you probox or fcs it ?

i have swirly mini-wildys i made ,

i’d be happy to send em to you

the left over money i will use to send fins i owe to ‘beerfan’ plus fatty or soulstice

thanks heaps maan !!



No worries mate, just beggining to wonder if you'd got it yet, glad it arrived ok.

cheers guys


 i'm hoping to trial a few fins i've made this weekend but i won't jinx it ....wait and see if superman comes through ! it will be cold camping out in winter , but it should be empty with swell at least . he and i both have the same water cameras , so if it IS surfable , hopefully it 'may' get documented ?! let's hope it happens this time eh ? 


    cheers !


hiya Woodtser !!


update ... 

  mate , i finally got the chance to try out your bodysurfing handboard some glassy [??!!] waves , yesterday evening [a VERY rare event in perth , windless sheet glass] was only small , but very slamming on the shore !


  it felt great being able to plane though , up high , as opposed to the usual 'sinking' feeling


  i had the water camera in one hand , and the handplane in the other [my left hand...the waves were mainly lefts!] this made swimming into a wave "interesting" , to say the least ?!


  my mate superman was [bored...too small to boardsurf!] on the shore with HIS finepix watercamera ['come OUT here , rowan ' !! , i yelled ] , so i'll have to see if HE got any beach perspective shots , while i was getting the watershots ....


   so , cheers again for the gift , " mr.phillips-head "!!

DSCF4015.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF4013.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF4014.jpg picture by chippy61

apparently , rowan just wanted to get shots of me with my camera in one hand , and handboard in the other ?

DSCF0318_1.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF0317-1.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF0319.jpg picture by chippy61

[well, Rowan forgot to get shots of me actually USING it , but i got some shots with my watercamera ......

DSCF4026.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF4059.jpg picture by chippy61

DSCF4081-1.jpg picture by chippy61


hey Woodster...


  WAS that 'mother of pearl' you inlaid for the iron cross type shape in your logo ?


   it's beautiful !!





Hi Ben,

Thanks for putting the pictures up (the ones inside the wave are amazing) and sorry its taken so long to get back to you. I'm glad you're getting good use of the hand plane. Yes that is mother of pearl . There is an an old italian gentleman that sells marquetry supplies and the pip was ment to be inlayed into the neck of a guitar as a fret/chord marcker, but I fancied that it repesents a compass point and as the turtle is the sign of the navigator I thought they went rather well together. I was just trying things out, I used a soldering iron to draw/burn in the turtle, its a little clumsy but it does the job.

well done woody your craftsmanship is outstanding


  i hope daniel hess can post up shots of HIS handboards too, one day ?


   cheers mate




...with summer due in a few months , the handboard will get some more use , i'm sure !! [i might have to get my mate 'eno' to use it , so i can film him from the water / take water photos of it in ACTION  too !!]