I appreciate all the work done over the decades on board design as its a bit like yacht design, trade-offs on width Vs length. But for me sailing reaches ( no pun) into the third dimension where the source of the energy is. Tapping into the depth of fluid above the hull to draw and direct energy in countless directions.

With surfing, the kinetic energy of the board comes from more than one area , theres the potential energy from gravitational, rider induced and wave speed but little is done to harness more power from the fluid beneath the hull.

I see a lot of fins but theyre mostly all about the same size and shape and while embracing all the theories of flight they all seem a little similar and based on a relatively small set of hydrodynamic theories.

Sailing now uses flexible kites and variable vanes, spinning turbines and flexible battens, hugging close to the waters surface and also flying high into clearer air. Now reverse the direction and look down into the water for energy. Theres certainly a mountain of potential energy contained within every wave, harness that energy within and create a new sport, similar to surfing but different.

It might come from fin designers thinking about venturing into the third dimension ?

Maybe if the word “fin” and the associated mental image was temporarily forgotten it might allow shapers and designers to wander into new territory.

Its just a question about what might be , what could work.

Kirk out…

WOW !!!


Beam me up Scottie!


Cabbage will provide extra thrust if applied correctly !!

To the 3rd Dimension and beyond…




Interesting, I like the way you think and wish to subscribe to your news letter.

Cap’n: Scotty, I need more power, dammit!

Scott: But Capn, the dilithium crystal in me fins are about te crack, I can ne give ye more power.

Cap’n: Need…to…think… MUST…HAVE…COFFEE! SPOCK!!

Spock: Logic dictates our need for new sources of energy Captain. We appear to be approaching a Tholian Web…

Uhura: Message coming in Captain - it - It appears to be from Another Dimension! I can’t translate it…

Checkov: (reading from sensor) One of the flay rods has gone out askew on the treadle? (mumbles) …Nobody expects…


Venturing into the 3rd dimension? Actually the 3rd dimension is already there. It’s called depth.

Maybe you mean another dimension, like the fourth or fifth. But don’t get your hopes up, I’ve been to those two back in the sixties. They were fun, but you always come back, lugging the required headache.

“Jim, I’m a doctor, not a magician!”

“Bones, I’m responsible for thelives…of over One…Thousand…People, on this ship!”

It’s Friday, Doug

“They’ll be no tribble at all Captain.”

ahhhhhhh summers’ here an’

now for the protracted fin flex thread.

can it rival years past/

sure it can…

will_______ or_______

or mebe_____ get on the long lasting wind

splanation? sure they will.

the trans dimensional factor is________--------

the rider perspective.

dug thet betmen.

holy crank a bank blat man

can we really turn without a licence?


signal first robin

signal first.

at the turn off to the next dimension

from where no man has returned to tell

a tale of tails.