The 6th Annual Surfing Arts, Science and Issues Conference

Sharing the Stoke of Surfing

The Groundswell Society presents

The 6th Annual Surfing Arts, Science and Issues Conference
“Surfing Dynamics: New Surfboards, New Surf Spots, and a New Spirit”

February 17th and 18th, 2007
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California
Sumner Auditorium 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday - Scripps Pier 8 am to noon on Sunday

SASIC VI presents a version of modern surfing based on new materials, new surf spots, and a new spirit in the surfing community. This two-day event is for surfers who refuse to be blinded by the relentless commerce and competition that often limit surfing’s promise and creativity. Attendees and speakers will represent a spectrum of surfers, including innovative engineers, adventurous dreamers, standout wave riders, and legendary leaders of modern surfing who all have one thing in common: a lifestyle that thrives on the energy of imagination that fuels an inner rebel continually refreshed and inspired by the spirit of free surfing.

Saturday presentations will include:

The Hydrodynamica Project – A presentation about the surfing quest exploring the legacy of Bob Simmons and other innovators, including planing hulls and twin fins from the past, and on to the present and future.

Homeblown Foam – Someday surfboards will be bio-based and bio-degradable – and they’ll be stronger and faster than ever. This session will cover a new initiative that is turning out to be a good start towards a true eco-board.

Third World Surfboards – A perspective on today’s surfboard industry from the offshore factories to the homegrown garages. Presenters will include Jason Kline, Cal Poly engineer and surfboard craftsman.

What Makes a Perfect Wave – This session will be presented by Bruce McFarland of American Wave Machines and will include an in-depth look at a variety of wave-making designs.

Fins: Facts and Fiction – A panel discussion on what works, what sells, and what’s next will follow a presentation by Bob “The Greek” Bolen, inventor of the unique “Turbo Tunnel” design.

Paddling the California Coast – An ambitious plan to paddle from Oregon to Mexico to call attention to surf zone environmental issues. Tim Kessler will present his “Coastal Dreams” project scheduled to launch this year.

There will be a special showing of “Waves Across the Pacific,” the 1963 documentary on Dr. Walter Munk’s pioneering work at Scripps concerning Antarctic storms and “Southern Hemi” groundswells, to be followed by a brief ceremony honoring Dr. Munk. The conference will conclude on Saturday with a session presented by Glenn Hening, 2006 Regents Lecturer at UCSB on “Modern Surfing: Is it a Business, a Contact Sport, or a Religion?”

On Sunday, the energy will shift to the beach with a morning of wave-testing a variety of surfboard and fin designs from the past, present and future, including Simmons-inspired designs, boards built from a variety of timeless materials as well as innovative new technologies, along with a broad selection of fin systems.

Registration is $45 – includes a parking permit and a box lunch for the first 75 attendees. Students and seniors get in for free, but park and lunch on your own. Seating is limited. Send a check made out to the Groundswell Society to the address below. Sorry, no plastic accepted. This event is gonna be almost as bitchen as a good swell – and although it won’t be on the WAM map, you’ll be glad you saved the date.

Groundswell Society
5212 Moonstone Way
Oxnard Shores, California 93035

So who went and how was it?

What’s the story on Hydrodynamica?

It was truly incredible. It was well worth the free admission for students and seniors. It opened my mind to a lot of issues, ideas, surfboards and other related goodies. The crowd was small and intimate yet very distinguished. Hydrodynamica was truly amazing just as we all guessed after watching that blurry trailer too many times. RK was given a generous donation after the viewing so maybe we are one step closer to the film being released. Now for the more important part. There were some incredible surfboards of all types of construction. They spanned from Peruvian reed fishing/surf crafts to modern hollow wooden bonzers and everything imbetween. Simmon’s board designs were well represented too. The lectures on saturday were all great but the demo day session on sunday was far more fun for me. In one session I rode a 6 0 single fin, a 7 8 board made out of biofoam and hemp glass, a 4 fin Hess hollow quad and the Peruvian replica. Paddling out a great long bundle of reeds gave me a whole new appreciation on surfing and surfboards. Talk about going back the “roots.” One day I am going to make a reed boat of my own. All in all it was a great day and half and I was surprised that more of you guys didnt come. Jesus dropped in for a few minutes but other than that Swaylockers as a whole dropped the ball by not coming. I even managed to put in a two hour sesh saturday am with my friends before the confrence making the day even better. My mind is still racing with new shapes and designs I got to try out. See you guys next year because I wont miss it. Darren

first i heard of it…was it posted here earlier-before the event?

so wanted to go----bu being out here on the right coast it was a bit unreal —i will be at the next one!