The adds can be cool!!!

I found a balsa site from one of the new google adds here.

Check out the surfboard link and the 1/16"x3"x36" sheets. Are these good prices? Especially for the board blank.

I was doing a search for balsa board building info and this site came up in the add section.

When I was searching I found them to be expensive. I would recommend National Balsa or Lonestar (I think thats it).

Hey not too shabby!

for their deal on 1/16"x3"x36" its 100 pcs. at $0.44 each including shipping and handling ($44.00). Whereas lonestar’s is 20 pcs for $9.31. So, a hundred pcs at lonestar would be $46.55 not including shipping and handling. But I guess this deal is only good if you inted to buy 100 pieces. And their normal priced stuff is more expensive than lonestar’s