the bushfire fish...fin setup[s] photos and reports

I’ve been riding it with this setup a fair bit lately.

This is my favourite four fin setup out of what I have tried so far in the “bushy”.

I had a couple of head high sessions on it with these fins , last week . (One day actually had some shape , too, for a change ! ) There were a few makeable lefthanders up the beach , with only a couple of us out . fun fun fun …a four hour session that day !

This morning , I rode it with this setup , in some empty , offshore , tiny stuff. It felt trackier than with the four fins.

…I definately needed a break from riding a 9’ mal in knee high waves , though !

I still managed to have as much fun on this , as I did on my mal yesterday . (Talk about a contrast in lengths !! But, going from a 9’er single fin to a 5’8 twin or quad fin feels good , to me , though !)

…more to come [? IF anyone is interested in this stuff , that is ?] , as I work my way through the many fin setups possible on this board …

cheers ,


keep the reports comin chippa…and get some of your people to get some action/surfing shots of you on the fishy!

hi Duds / rusty !

…well, funny you should say that !

I was talking to ben [sir ‘w.a.l.’ ] on the "skype phone’’ tonight . And he said the same thing ! When I mentioned to him that "tomorrow I will take my disposable water camera to the beach to hopefully get some more shots of ‘Popeye’ [Pascal] surfing " , he suggested I take the ‘bushfire fish’ , as well ! [camera swap material !]

I’ll take it …

…just have to see if that makes the forecast swell increase not happen , or if indeed there “may” [by a miracle] be a rideable , even maybe a ‘photographable’ [word?] wave in the morning [11 hours from now , the sun will just be hitting the water …]

cheers ,  


Sounds like good times in WoZZaLaNd!!

and i think photograph-able isn’t a werd…though i could be wrong.

I think maybe you were looking for photoGenic, not photoCrapable

if waves DON’T show , we may have to do photogenERic shots instead [board shots on beach , that sort of thing !]



Do you have bonzer runners for that board, of the 3 fin variety? be interested to see what happens with a 3fin bonza setup with possibly a flexfin in the center…??~?

hiya Duds !

thanks for asking …

here’s what I have in homemade fibreglass [uncanted] runners …

4 3/4" base , 4" base, 3 3/4" base …

These are more like the bonzer5 runners size and templates , actually , I suppose.

They are :

2 3/4" deep, 2 1/2" deep , and 2" deep , respectively .

I also have a pair of [too] HEAVILY canted wood ones …somewhere here ??

photos to come …

A back flexy fin ?

That [a carbon fibre inlay one] went to the east coast of Australia …with the “Auslocks Board” …

…so , at the moment , the answer is no …

Oh yeah , I just found two more “side runners” , also …

2 1/4" base , 2" depth


4 1/2" base , 2 7/8" depth [this green one has 3/4" of rake , too]

   cheers ,  


[non canted] “bonzer5 runners”-type templates …

…and, the [over]canted wood ones, on the old “prawn” board…

somewhere along the line , I hope to have another go at base moulding some canted , thinner bonzer runners , at a lesser cant .

And I still have not ruled out moulding bases onto those fcs tabbed ones you see above , so I can cant THEM , as well !

cheers ,


you said they were overcanted…those aren’t over canted, they’re sideways!!! do they work like cheyne horan’s star fin or whatever it’s called…looks like a hydrofoil.

gracias for posting those!


have you RIDDEN all of those chips?? if so, results, observations.etc?

I’m off to bed now , duds …[ early morning surf sesh with ‘pops’ tomorrow , hopefully !]

but , you’re welcome to ‘copy and paste’ here the relevant bits of that ‘p.m’ I just sent you , if you like ! …

cheers mate ,


more on this thread soon come…

for now got other fish to fry


my recollection of the bonzer runners with that matching wood back fin was …

they were a bit “sticky” , in turns …

I put this down to the fact that the cant was way too much . I want to make a bigger , thinner , less canted pair at some stage …something around 6" base x 3" depth , to maybe 3 1/2" depth , even .

they will be wood core [?or maybe foam?] , too , I reckon , to keep the weight down a bit .

to be continued …


I enjoy the talk and photos of the bushfire fish

You beat me to it Chip…been quite busy today actually.

Keep posting your fishy findings…and pics!! lots of PICS!!!

Can i make a special request for a pulled back lineup shot of your beachie, as to see your testing facility??Please??

Young Jeshua (josh)…any bonzers/widows in your quiv yet? Riding impressions/waveconditions/pictures/etc??

…these are the posts that keep me checking in on sways every day…

Hope you don’t mind Man 'o War

Check THIS build out…a master craftsman building a craft infinitely more difficult to both shape and ride than any foam surfboard!!!

Personally, I cannot wait to see the three dimensional effect of the carbon fiber in real life…amazing stuff really!!

Editors Note:

Don’t let your fish get stolen!!!


Young Jeshua (josh)…any bonzers/widows in your quiv yet? Riding impressions/waveconditions/pictures/etc??

Hello Duds! this is my widowmaker setup. i 've only really treid it in decent beach breaks but it goes great! i love widows. there super fast and behave like a modern single fin. loose, fast but still enough holding power. i highely recomend widows. on a modern shortboard with good rocker and rails the widow setup really compliments the feel of the board.

Okay , then …here’s what I intend to try it with tomorrow , "duds’’ / ‘chasing lefts’ !

IF the back fins feel weird in that position , I’ll take them off at the beach , and , as you requested , give the three fin bonzer setup a go [albeit with bonzer5 type / size side runners ! ]

And , possibly put those smaller green and yellow runners in the front plugs , instead …

…to be continued …

just for shits n giggles try moving your center fin all the way forward in the box while leaving the runners in the same place, just to see if it’s as squirrelly as it seems it would be…only one way to find out.

That setup, however, looks like it should go pretty good, and maybe as a 3finner as well!

keep 'em coming chipper

well , there ya go …

I never knew you were an ABBA fan , duds …you learn something new every day on swaylocks eh ? … have to call you “bjorn again perkins” from now on , I guess !

not sure about “shits” … we like to keep our water CLEAN here , but “giggles” ? Sounds kinda girly to me …

…I’ll [try and ] have fun surfing it with this setup , anyway … waves permitting , of course .

I DO remember this setup went well on the “prawn” board of mine …with the back fin further back …



I had a really fun surf this morning on the 5 fin setup pictured above , and gotta say …

"squirt !!! "

that’s the difference I felt coming out of my first forehand bottom turn , up the face and cutting back on my first right today . Fun fun fun !

On the backhand , it felt loose enough off the top , but controlled , with that big back fin holding in the wide ol’ tail beautifully !

Biggest wave I saw / caught in the two hours I was out there was chest high , but with good shape for a change , and a bit of a run to them , it was nice to be able to get a few turns happening . Let’s hope tomorrow is groundhog day again !

I was stoked to hear Pascal / “popeye” got a few tubes on the speedneedle twinny after I’d left , too !


this definately feels the FASTEST setup by far of the ones I have tried . I will give it another go tomorrow , conditions permitting , of course !



Do you have bonzer runners for that board, of the 3 fin variety? be interested to see what happens with a 3fin bonza setup with possibly a flexfin in the center…??~?

actually … now you’ve got me thinking again …

IF I have enough carbon fibre left over from the "Auslocks Board’'s homemade single fin , a carbon fibre “bonzer3” setup could very well be on the cards …

thanks , ‘Duds’, for getting the thought going !

cheers ,