The canoe threshold

the canoe as water craft is a design familiar,its forms from environment to environment in abboriginal cultures are perfect renderings of spontaneous adaptation. When the material and time /effort warrent, the canoe is a superior alternative water craft…the morphing of the surfboard making wisdom is logically applied to these canoe forms. When does a surfboard in polynesia become a canoe? perhaps the quest for a greater concave in the deck is an indicaton.The increasing Length and girth as well as increasing the desired cargo on board the craft are also a consideration . the use of the paddle and the comforrt of the sitting position also have to be addressed ,sitting errect as opposed to prone paddling or kneel paddling affects a 'Higher Nobilitty ’ in a special way.the popularity of the contemporary OC ones in hawaii and world wide attest to the success of those design parameters,I suggest that a woodstripers design like those in the 'Canoe craft " book be adapted to a surfing canoe and pop open another door to alternative wave riding at spots unsurfed…Hey look there’s a spot with noone out!!!..ambrose…‘aint nobody worried ,aint nobody cryin’ ,aint no…body…but the lonly spirits of surfers past wanting sombody to catch that wave they missed because they were paddling back out


I do have a version of just that set of plans for the above mentioned strip built outrigger surfing canoe. Actually its not a dedicated surfing canoe, more like an all rounder, but I’m sure that you could tweak it a little with a bit of influence from the Tommy Holmes book, your own sense of surfcraft and from the people in your neighbourhood, to make it into an outright surf machine.

Gary Dierking is the man with the plan(s). He can be contacted at 1485 Long Bay Road, Coromandel, New Zealand or just do a search on the web for his name.

Gary sent me a set of plans last year for the 18’ Ulua but I still havn’t got around to building it just yet.

I’m gonna look up his web address and post it if you need it.

The web page is:

To contact:



[ 3]When the material and time /effort warrent, the canoe is a superior alternative water craft…the morphing of the surfboard making wisdom is logically applied to these canoe forms. [/]

Kinda like this…???..

Or this…???..


cool boat, got him easier by goole directly io gary dierking and got straight to the page that homepages place was kinda difficult and I gave up…It sure looks like a familiar line to the hull as far as oahu style surfing canoe…ambrose …he seems facinated with the proa as well…

yay paul you finished it ! cool I googled outrigger surfing canoe and got hooked up to a Kauai high canoe project with lotsa pictures …www.… go little brothers!they made it outa Albezia too…wow

nick becks site-google - holopuni - canoe sophistication in sailing and surfing…ambrose …nick beck is an elder at the point and retired principal at hanalei school

Ambrose, I’ll be on Kaui on about 22 or 23 of this month. I’ll keep my eyes open for you unless you’ll be on the mainland side after the swaylocks festival. Won’t be coming by canoe, as I’m without paddle.


I return the 23rd from swaylocks…ambrose…raffle pick up possible???

I’m going to miss attending the swaylocks event but if we’re able to touch base, I’ll do a customer service checkup on the skeg you’re likely to win… or at least sponge a little knowledge from you if we get a chance at talking any story.

Great thread, Ambrose!

When I talked to Tom Pohaku at the Duke Kahanamoku festival coupla weeks ago, and suggested his rock sleds (papaholua - ) looked like long skinny double-hull canoes, right away he said, “Yeah, they’re like Marshallese canoes.” Tom also said he does believe there’s a definite connection between rock sledding and wave surfing.

There’s been an outburst of canoe revivals since about 1990, yeah. All over the Pacific. And, right now the largest group of newcomers to Hawaii are Marshallese (many are here for medical help in the aftermath of US Nuclear Weapons testing 50 years ago). Anyway, a Chuukese friend told me there are maybe 4 or 5 oldtime sailing-canoe masters living on Oahu.

Whatta you think? Maybe Tom Pohaku will get into this thread…