the frigg'g planer blade ajustments

i have finally made some some time at night to mow some more foam

my last 2 clark blanks…

so i get the hitachi planer out (its always cut heavy on one side) and i sit down and try to ajust the blades (this cant be that hard)…

now ive got all the screws out, belt off and i stll cant figure it out

i have figured out the blades are “sticky taped” or its a magnet…

i cant seem to get the blades to reach even a 1/16 cutting depth

ive tried twice and now i have become frusterated…

any hints…i checked the manual

The blades are in a “holder”. After removing the three large bolts, the holder/blade assy is

rotated out of place (lifting the sharp edge away from the aluminum rotor that the bolts

screwed into). NOTE, the positioning of the little spring tabs at the “hinge” edge, opposite

the sharp edge. Practice putting it back in before lifting it out all the way… …those tiny

spring tabs make the assembly seat against the edge of the rotor.

The entire assembly should lift out. To adjust the blade within its holder you will need to

loosen two phillips head screws on the assembly. You should have a jig that comes with

the planer. Place the holder/blade into the jig, much like “hinging” it into the rotor, “hinge”

it into the jig. The blade should slide up against the plastic stops of the jig at its sharp


SOMETIMES the jig is out of whack. There are two adjustment screws to get your jig

just right. If your planer continues to cut deeper on one side, then I would suspect the

jig is off. You can correct the jig but it would be opening a whole can of worms.

With that said, a trick thing to do is adjust the jig for a more aggressive cut. The plastic

stops can be moved in or out. You can back out the adjustment screws of the plastic stops

(equally) if your cuts are already level. You might be able to back them out as much as

1/16th inch.

Ideal max cut depth will run about 3/16th’s but I’ve seen as much as 1/4 inch on some

maniac’s planers. Remember, if you go deep, you lose at your “shallow” end, that is,

if you adjust for 1/4 inch, your “zero cut” will not be zero, but 1/32 or 1/16 or ?

Good Luck

Have fun…


thanks plus one…i ajusted the two screws under the blade …i could see the hindge thingy move forward…

my planer fell 30ft to the hard clay doing a siding job…it was in its metal case but the blade ajuster got all bent up…funny i never new what that thing was…

the planer and round hook shaped thingy survived the fall unscratched

i think i got the blades almost perfrct …close enough for my board

i will let the sandpaper do the rest of the work…