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This one is Huie’s baby…design , shaping and glassing , hand foiled fin…right through to a showroom polish. When I first saw the curves of this board , I knew it would be the goods…just need to ship the blank back to Huie , so he can turn the rails and fine tune the bottom contours…been saving this wood for the right project…hope Huie can add a few photos as he completes it…7’ -3" by 19" balsa semi- gun.

Good looking outline and rocker.

Single fin?


wow that’s beautiful

Perfect outline and awesome timber combo!! A++ 

looking great  i love it when a plan comes to gether



have to wait for the holidays to  taper off   then she s done   ithink we got those t bands right eh’’



cheers huie

Love it ! Keep up the (bitchen) work


The outline is similar to my BK 7-3, but my board is only 18 3/4 wide.



 the original templates i made for peter troy back about   -87 ** we called that mother island after his fav place ( old woman island)   more indo like when it fires’'**

the measurments on that were about 18 3/4’’   but for this board i have modernised it a little.    and very happy with its progress


 cheers huie

Huie, those are some pretty curves. My BK is a great board for really good waves. 2xOH and it starts to come alive. One of the last times I rode it on a good day was out at a place on the south shore called Big Lefts. I was riding the right side that day with just Ben Aipa and his daughter. With the right swell the rights can be really long and fun. That was one of those days, sometime back in the 90’s when I lived right across the street.

Kayu sure does a good job with the wood boards. Is it all wood or wood over foam?


Wow Kayu, that’s a lot more work than a chambered solid. Funny, my brother said I should have done something similar instead of making the hollow Balsa I made this year. Nice work. Hope to see nice shots of the finished board.

That’s a sweetie! Must be hunting season! 


Wassup with the interesting suptle tint, taped up to a railband panel? White in the seal coat?



Just because I can’t stand giving our Huie all the glory - 7’4…

She’s all just raw wood at the mo Josh- a few nice Ecuadorian logs I put aside…a rough diamond

The thread’s for all guns , so thanks for adding…topshelf ,as usual !

Here’s my BK.

Top shelf  8'-6" Mid   8'-0 ", 7'-8" classic


**Sorry guys I'd delete if I could "kinda sour note" as compared to BK.**

BK   :slight_smile: