The inner workings of Coil technology revealed

It’s one part Warp Drive, one part Hyper Drive, and it’s powered by a Flux Capacitor.


Coil Inside Painting


Coil Inside Painting


Got bored last weekend and have been going through Coil withdrawal.  We haven’t had waves worthy of my 6’1" in a while, so I decided to let my imagination go wild and paint it.  Or maybe I just got sick of it staying perpetually white and decided to add some color (just kidding).  Thought I’d share.





Those flux capacitors are hard to come by. Got my last one off a kid with a funny looking stainless steel car.


That is really nice color rdj.

looks good !


what kind of pens did you use ?

nice rdj. very nice.  I think that's my favorite yet.

Our legal staff from Planet Zeptar may be getting in touch with you. Apparently they are not happy, we had everyone convinced the cores were just some fancy EPS and now you go and do this....

They also suggested that we use our primitive Earth computers to paste these pics over in the ride reports thread. I usually follow their requests; resistance is futile and our weapons are useless against them.


Sick, your art is always pretty sweet, but this just looks stellar.

Hahaha was his name Marty?


Thanks guys.  I use a combination of the Posca and the Sharpie waterbased paint pens.  The Sharpie’s are a little cheaper and easier to find but Posca’s feel like they flow a little better to me.  My understanding is that they are both made in the same factory.  I actually rushed the painting.  I might have taken my time and done more if we didn’t have swell in forecast and the possible chance to surf the board.  I really like the way the Coil boards look with the grid and the snake, so I never really thought of painting it.  Then summer flatness hit.


I don't have time to comment further, I've got some Warp Drives to install this morning.

That looks awesome!

an instant classic

Not seeing a coil in there. How hot does that red pipe get?

(inspirational, rdj)

looks awesome.  Is surfboard painting you?

I would love some of your stuff on canvas