The Ladies in the office

The ladies in the office keep wondering “what is that nasty smell.” I hope they arent referring to the resin stuck all over the bottom of my sandals from glassing and hotcoating my board before work this morning. All went well except for those nice air bubbles on the rails. I was led to believe that it was a good idea to laminate both the deck patch and another layer of 6oz on the deck at the same time. It was not a good idea. I had to put three batches of resin on to saturate all of the cloth, and I got some cool air bubbles on the rail. Adds character, and is all part of the fun. If everything went perfect all of the time then it wouldnt be any fun would it.


shoot yourself for not handling a simple two-layer lam. It’s IS a good idea (unless you like to lam a lot) and it’s not that hard. 'Bout the only thing to watch for is that the squeegee doesn’t drag the top layer of glass off.

You NEED to measure AND RECORD the size of each batch, the size of the lam job, and how much waste there was, until you get to know your batch size better. A catalyst chart helps here too, unless you use sun-cure.

I’ve been measuring for a couple years, and have done lams where less than a tablespoon went to the floor, though I allow more than that for sake of easy lam work. There is such a thing as too careful, but with resin retailing at $35 a gallon, why waste, particularly if you can avoid it? And if waste isn’t a concern, just buy your boards at the shop and skip all this health-endangering bullshit.

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