the last secret spot is dead

Hi all

just been checking out this amazing tool

great for travel and opening up new spots but where will it end, new virgin waves or crowed secret spots!

See you somewhere (now you know where I live, type BH5 1bq)

cheers Joe

I downloaded that and looked… SUPER CREEPY! I could see my car and my cat sleeping in my yard. although, this was 6 months ago. we started building a deck 6 months ago and it wasnt in the pic. but still SUPER CREEPY!

Howzit Scott, Read an article about goggle earth the other day and it said they are in the process of updating the satellite pics.Aloha,Kokua

the pic of my house caught me pulling out of my driveway…that’s wild.

i wonder where i was going?!??

tooo sweet. I’ve been trying to buy a detailed map of the coast line, don’t need to now. You can even see where the good kelp beds are.

o ya Kokua… howz the eyes doin? have you gotten back into the swing of things yet? maybe i can see you from the satelite working when the doctor said for you to rest… uh oh… doctors spying on us…

Howzit Scott, read the eye of the dog thread. I explained it there, can’t work for a while.Aloha,Kokua

check out some guy photographed just about every inch of CA from the air (not Vanderburg or the like though) and now has a lot of the photos cross referenced with shots from the 70’s-pretty damn cool but you can waste a lot of time on the site if you’re not careful.

hey mate, you cam pretty much check any spot in the world if you use this satelite program called google earth. just download it start it and walla… you can even zoom in on south straddie od dbar and see surfers… the current uplaod has a cloud over sunset so its kind of a bummer… ive got this up on the big screen at the shop, when travelling customers come in we check out there home breaks etc. the site to downlaod the program is enjoy, dave

let’s hope Osama and his mates don’t hear about this site … imagine how THEY would use it ?!

" uh oh … paranoia ‘chip’ "

Yeah, and then use cnn as their live feed. The mind boggles.