the ' RDM ' photo thread ...

Since Rohan [ ‘RDM’ , are his initials] is one of several here who is experiencing difficulties posting photos on the ‘new’  'Swaylock’s , here are some photos he has sent me .

As we now live in the same state  , I am hoping to visit him some time soon , and will hopefully have a few panels and fins to give him . He has visited me a few times here , since I moved interstate in April last year.

 He and his friend Dave make some nice stuff , so it has been great to be able to catch up easily now  [ where I previously lived , was 2000 miles away from them ! ]

 Here are some fins , that he recently made …

photo 1_zps8f35504f.jpg

photo 3_zps04380305.jpg

photo 2_zps37c74616.jpg

  They’re shown here ,  in an EPS board he made a while ago , now …

photo 4a_zps78b22c78.jpeg

photo 9_zpse5c5772b.jpeg


    cheers !


Very nice build.

There is only one thing that hurts my eyes, the foiling. It it for these kind of images that I made finFoil freely available to everyone.

Please use finFoil as a guideline, it will improve your fins!



Interesting looking board RDM. I’m interested in getting your feedback on the installation of the S-plugs. I’ve done one quad set with them and found them quite labour intensive. On the flipside, they’re still in the board…

Nice looking fins by the way (that’s fins, not Fins, although I’m sure you’re a hansome devil too Ben). Marine ply?

hi there , Cass !


  I will ask Rohan about the ’ S Plugs ’  for you  [and , if it was marine ply he used in the fins , too ? ]  Perhaps he will visit this thread [ I emailed him a ‘link’] , and answer .


 I hope to photograph some of his other boards , when I catch up with him next .


 I first met him in Toorak , about  maybe ? 3 years or so ago ?


 I also have a paulownia fin [a single , box fin]  that he gave me a few years ago …


Well, Cass …as you know , it is **late **here now , so I will try to remember to get a shot or two of it tomorrow . And I guess I need to template , cut out , foil , and glass the  thin pieces of paulownia he gave me , last time he visited me here


  cheers !



Hey Ben.

I’ve emailed a couple of full length photos of the board (taken in 2012 I think) as well as some other wooden single fins.

Sorry about the foiling Hans. It’s not actually as bad as it looks in those images. The plywood used was only 1.5mm thick so some of the graduation doesn’t show up too well. It’s also seems a bit distorted as the fins have some designed twist in them. They are twisted about the vertical axis so the tips run parallel witrh the stringer rather than having toe in like the base.

Hey Cass. I didn’t find the S-plug installation too bad. I’m fairly lo tech though and don’t build many boards. I just have a small jig template made from MDF to rout the holes, stick the plugs on the fin, drop the whole lot in with a tiny touch of 5 minute epoxy on the bottom of the plugs. Once the epoxy has set I remove the fins and pour the resin. I usually dremel some of the foam out around inside the hole as well to create a bit of an undercut under the bottom lamination. As I alluded to before, I am just a hobbyist when it comes to all of this and do what seems sensible to me (or use what advice I find on Swaylocks here) and am not particularly fussy in terms of the appearance of what I make - function is beauty in my little world.

Please do not apologise.

I just want to give constructive critisism. I was talking about the thickness at the back tab, if you compare with commercial fins, most of the time the finbase at the back tab is thinner than the tab itself.

No doubt that your fins will work great, but the next set will be better :wink:


Kind Regards,


Thanks Hans. I’m always happy to hear contsructive criticism and appreciate your candour. The tab relationship is a bit misleading as the fins are thick (about 8 or 9mm rather than the standard 7mm). The tabs in the image were only 5mm thick too, rather than the standard 6mm - as I haven’t built them up to the correct thickness yet.

Have just checked your software out and it looks good. Lots of hard work there my friend. I will certainly look at trying to build my next fin templates and foiling using it.



RDM’s homemade eps and epoxy boards [?‘xps’ used , too ?] and fins …

photo IMG_4644_zps9d8c6dea.jpg

photo IMG_4647_zpscbf32879.jpg

the " blue pig " ( ? nearly 10  years old , Rohan ? ) is greenish , now …thanks to " boatbuilder’s epoxy " ! …

photo IMG_4648_zps41c95a12.jpg

" the quiver "

photo IMG_4654_zps8e31a1e8.jpg

photo IMG_4596_zpsc615b38a.jpg

WOOD , too …

photo 8_zps0f1f9c0c.jpg

photo 1456485_10202192587437554_1737916519_n_zps0785c47d.jpg

His mate Dave , on it…

photo 1465389_10202199001677906_1729996229_n_zpsb7771556.jpg

homemade skateys …

photo IMG_4727_zpsd94a72f4.jpg

…which went WELL,  here …

photo RO_zps278919f7.jpg

 The next one[s] will be made shorter , with a wider , kicked tail , for off the lips and tighter radius turns … so it will be more like surfing , then !   :wink:


A modified ‘mini simmons’ …now more like a kneeboard.

photo IMG_4730_zps19326cc7.jpg

…this … was how much was cut off !!

photo IMG_4653_zpsde701f8a.jpg

photo IMG_4652_zps24a62118.jpg

photo tailblockcutoffminisims_zps5b29e038.jpg

photo 9_zps19d3e09d.jpg

photo 10_zps8ad08c9b.jpg


photo IMG_0003_zpsa579d014.jpg

photo IMG_0004_zps7ab9b072.jpg

Rohan’s modified digital camera…so a ‘reversing ring’ adaptor can be screwed into the front of his existing SLR lenses ,  effectively creating a macro lens . Good stuff !

photo photo2_zps2d800378.jpg

photo photo1_zps7e49c993.jpg

… a couple of the results…

photo wcloseup1_zps7c8ce37c.jpeg

photo wcloseup_zps7f68bd70.jpeg

( This would be a nice setup ,  for instance , for closeup photos of fins )