The "Rebel Yell" 80's style Thruster. Like a Mullet, business in front, party in back!

So my friends @ Sealegs Surf Shop in Laguna Beach gave me freedom to shape whatever I wanted to put in their shop. One that I decided on was an old Simon Anderson Thruster from back in the day. I have so many classic templates, I love to break them out when I can. Turned on some KLOS classic rock today. Fired up the Skil, and flashed back to the 80’s.

Here she is.

6’x 20.25" x 2.61" Bump Squash Template from a original Simon Anderson Thruster Circa 1983.

Flat deck.

Semi-beak nose.

Flat bottom to slight “Vee”.

Little bottom edge from tail to slightly past mid-point.

Thicker tail block.

Threw in four belly-channels for authenticity.

 An authentic 80’s spray.

Glass-on fins of course.

Grow out your mullet and throw on some Zinka nose block!

That looks like a lot of fun! Love the bump squash!

KLOS…wow…we are old…

Barry, if you’d said it was an original barn find, I’d believe you. 

Your pics display upside down for me but I might have my glasses on wrong.

Barry, I’ve been watching your posts and I think you’re the guy for a job I’ve been wanting to get done…

My first ever surfboard (80’s thruster) is in a sad state… Delam everywhere, yellow/brown spots, etc.

I would really like to have it remade… Do you ever do that type of thing? Copy a shape like that?

I hope that’s not offensive, I know you are a highly skilled craftsman and can shape pretty much anything.

Just looking at the board above, it’s very similar in style to my board.

I’d really like to surf her again but, I think she’s too far gone…

Nice one, Barry.  Bring it on.

In my opinion, the boards from that era were some of the most user-friendly functional thrusters ever.  No, you’re not gonna surf like Slater, but you’re gonna catch a lot of waves and have a lot of fun.

true that Newschoolblue!

Wow looks great barry, and love the artwork.

crisp, I absolutely can do that.

I have a few templates from that era.

Ah the 80’s (Good times).

Where are you located?

I’m in Oceanside Ca.

My contact info. is on my website.

Or just PM me.

I’m up for that challenge.


Don’t let on to how good the boards were back in the 80’s…The best thing to ever happen to surfing was the elf shoe slater board.  When the elf shoe came out…my wave count tripled overnight.   I still ride these except a bit longer.  Digging my mullet.   KLOS classic…

Barry, that board looks fantastic!  I love the color spray.

Put some Astro Deck on it!

Wow Barry, how did you get the board to levitate off the floor like that. Is it magic. I,m going to PM you with a serious question. Watch your in box.

I’ve learned some of David Blane’s secrets to levitation.

I watch far too much TV.

 As always nice work Barry. There is an early Nectar Simon Anderson for sale locally I have been looking at the photos and the board has some meat in it. Might have to talk to the guy and take a good hard look at it. 

hiya big bazza


… Is it for todd holland ??   :slight_smile:

Hey Chrisp,

If you and Barry actually get together to make that happen, I sure hope you post some pics of the final result.

Shake it easy,


Rusty Occy 84

and this…

Man, Tony looks so young there.

I totally forgot about the webbed glove thing.


Barry, got any glass on “turbo” (curved) fins?  I had some fun boards with 2 of those in the early 80s… oh and a center box for the “optional 3rd fin”…


I saw some APE gloves at the swap meet the other day.  Made my wrists hurt just to look at them.  (Patrick thought they were hilarious).


my best to you barry !!!



Yeah I know it could be a little more authentic with a third fin box option.

I actually have several Freestyle Boxes but no fins or jig to route them.

I’ll break those out for a show board or something.

I had some Flouro green webbed gloves my friend Nick Adams made called “Wave Hogs”.

back when I was a padelling machine.


Is that board on the left a Stinger or Double Winger?

Both look like the real 80’s deal!

Right down to the Balin leash.

Long live the 80’s!