The Rider Vs The Board - Part 1V

There seems to be a seemingly endless thread concerning “the best board for this-that-and-the-other” vs those who believe the ability of the rider is the key to successful manouevres (I could never spell that word!). There is a coffee table volume entitled “The Book of Waves”. In it there’s a plate of a local ‘in trim’ in Barbados. Many of you will have seen it. The man is riding a plank. Really. A plank. Straight off a building site - a plank of wood. Whenever I get bogged down in micro-measurements, ‘where should my fin placement be’ etc worries, I think of our friend have a ball on a clean three foot face. On a plank. Anybody seen anyone in the line-up on something you would have thought “well that’ll never take off let alone get into trim”?? No axe to grind. Just interested.

For me (on a high performance shortboard)I have found that subtle differences in fin placement and toe in make alot of difference. Rocker also makes a difference, entry rocker and tail rocker as well as how the overall rocker curve is configured. Edges how far up your hard edge runs as well as how much its tucked under. Of course this is all subjective, for me changing the position of the fins 1/16 of an inch is a big deal while others will ride the board and feel a difference but not feel like its a big deal.

Botom line, if your talent/ability is not high enough to do a specific move its unlikely to happen regardless what you ride BUT the right board can certainly enhance anyones surfing

Contrary to popular opinion, I personally don’t think surfboard design has reached its apex. I’ve seen and even shaped for myself boards that are away from the norm that perform VERY well. Unfortunatly many minds need to be opened before we can move forward again. Some of you would be shocked and amazed to see what David “DCB” Balserak does.

i want to be “shocked and amazed to see what David “DCB” Balserak does”. greg what’s up? break it down…i’m open minded, i mean i still think i could be be gay, well maybe in theory at least.

Greg, DCB has to be one of the worlds most under-rated, most misunderstood surfer/shapers that has ever put his foot in water or shaped boards. Only once you’ve seen his boards or watched him surf can you understand.

Jim, I recall in the late 70’s DCB being on both ends of the extremes, riding a 10 ft. noserider and what looked like a 5 ft. experimental shape. Last I heard he was in PR. Anyone know what he’s up to today?

DCB is back in P.R. in the Ramey area. He was riding 4’9", multi winged boards at big Wilderness and hanging more toes over the nose that should be allowed on any longboard.