the thruster photo thread.....

Is anyone here currently making a thruster ?

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You’re kidding, right?

Nobody makes those anymore, they’re everywhere.

… no, I am serious !

And , they are probably ‘everywhere’ because they are boards that work well.

So, if anyone is currently making a thruster …

photos , please …

cheers ,


I am new to shaping and posting on swaylocks. I am one of those people that reads all the posts everyday and never adds their 2 cents. I have a few boards I am going to post pictures of in the next day or two that are both shortboards I made. I am also currently working on a resin swirled shortboard for a friend with glass on’s. Turning out very nicely. I will post some pictures soon. I think its time for me to get my boards in the open and get some criticism/feedback.


good on you mate !

don’t be intimidated by all the old mal riders , fish riders , and egg riders .

There ARE some good thruster riders here , I KNOW it …they just seem scared to come out of the closet , for some reason … peer pressure , I guess


…my god , I’m starting to ‘sound’ like my nemesis “Stubs” / ‘Psycho’ now , eh ?! THAT’S a worry ! [But , then again … maybe he has a point , after all …that might be why everyone generally ignores him ]

I’m making one this weekend. Hold on and I’ll get some pics of the board that I’m going to copy.

thanks wanker !

Will be making some soon, replacing my sons’ and my current shortboards.

Nobody makes those anymore, they’re everywhere.

I assume your taking the piss, I rarely make anything else. As far as high performance goes the thruster is pretty much it right now. I know there are people out there who will disagree with me and that’s good. I,m all for experimentation, there will no doubt be a new genre of boards that will take performance to new heights and it could be just around the corner. So far though I’ve yet to see it or ride it. I see a lot of beautifully finished boards on this site that look like they would surf like dogs compared to a thruster, they look fine though if you just want to cruise along waves because of increasing age and/or girth.

glad to see the return of the tinkler-nosed thruster [so you’re posting under sirwanksalot now !]

cheers for that


You just need to try one to know. They work great when the when you hop up and down when the waves mush out. You get some MAD SPEED!!!

im into hybrid thrusters

and 80s planeshapes

ive got 2 on the go at the mo.

interested in trying mvgs now as well.

i think the modern competition short board only works for 5 percent of surfers

not because there thrusters though.

thrusters are brilliant

but because they dont have enough volume and width for average surfers.

Gosh… is sarcasm that hard to figger out?

Saying nobody makes them, they’re everywhere (I thought) would sound like the old Berra quote, “Nobody goes there anymore, its too crowded.” Irony is not something to flatten out your shirts with.

Go on, then, about your business with your silly little 3 fins. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: No, Silly, not you. Well, ok, you too, then.

Really like the look of wankie’s semi ,if you’ll excuse the double entendre. Here’s a couple of snaps of a thruster I made which goes brilliantly, lots of drive and loose with it, for 2’ to 4’/5’ waves. Truely silly amounts of fun. It’s 6’1"x18 3/4"x2 1/4". Thanks for your comments chip61, hope these photos are the sort of thing you wanted.

Yes I think most will have spotted your stab at sarcasm, my comment that I ASSUMED you were taking the piss was counterpoint to it. Just thought I’d double pump ya, ( another double entendre and a link manoeuvre all good thruster riders use).

…well, here a thuster with foam fiberglass fins…

…I have a lot of pict but heavies…so i dont upload…

…I did this particular board about 9 months ago, but I build thrusters in daily basis…

well, i dont know but i upload a pict but i dont see it…

ok here we go…

nice !

I like those fins too , Reverb !

…do you have a shot of the swirly ones you mentioned to me , too, please ?

thanks for the photos , guys …

please keep them coming … good to see that NOT EVERYONE here likes to "cruise along due to increased age or girth " !!!

[that’s claasssssic , that one , Sparksy !! …that definately rates in my 10 classic swaylocks quotes , that one !!]

cheers ,