The worlds first Adjustable Wing Twin Fin



The world’s firstThe Original Adjustable Wing Twin FinMade by WaveFin.

The side fins are adjustable straight ahead, up and down and that will give you trim, lift and dive.

1. Trim is obtained by having the wing adjusted parallel with the base of the fin.

 2. Lift is obtained by adjusting the front of the wing up by one spline from parallel

  3. Dive is obtained by adjusting the front of the wing down by one spline from parallel.

The fin plugs mounts are a high quality FCS fit.

The wing is held on by marine grade stainless steel self tapping screw.

The wing mount is an extremely strong spline fit.

The wings are inter-changeable from right to left so the wing tip can face up or down.

How do they go well it is no good for me to say it is somehting a person needs to find out him self.

If you have never surfed a set then it is point less to comment on a guess.

But it would be nice to hear comments of speculation.

They will give wider surfboards more hold.

It would be nice to have them tested in big surf like Hawaii


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The following is a short history, that I observed.       Alan (Pal Al) Nelson, did some winged fins (wood) in 1957/1958.    In 1966 several board builders played with it.     Hansen, Carl Ekstrom, and myself, among them.     Hansen, with molded flex resin, Ekstrom with Aluminum, and myself with fiberglass.    Hansen, and Ekstrom had adjustability.     The ones I did were hydrodynamicaly foiled,and fixed in position.    IMO it would be a mistake to venture into sizable Hawaiian waves with ''winged'' fins.    The stress loads, and forces in those waves, are beyond what you might imagine.

 Wavefin, your fins look great, futuristic styling, and as a former hydrofoil builder I appreciate the science behind the upturned tips on the horizontal foil.

 Hope it all goes well !!



The stress loads, and forces in those waves, are beyond what you might imagine.

All you have to do is get a long piece rope a speed boat and just toe the surfboard behind it with the fins on the board at what ever speed you want then all the scary forces have been tested fear not.

Never go surfing in surf that you can not handle a wipe out in. Watch some surfing the guys with all the top gear surfboard etc they all wipe out some time or another. Just take of don’t look back. Just charge at it don’t let fear hold you back.

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Thanks mate.