the worlds longest left barrel

There is a website   wavescape   go to video     go to skeleton eye    and go to grind worm  enjoy


Thanks  X2

Is it just me or is that young lad stoked or what?

But you can see from the video that the boards rocker is off by 1/16 in the tail and too much concave in the mid section rails are too fat and it needs to be painter red to make it go faster. No matter what fins he was using they were wrong.  He should have been riding a Coil asymmetrical stokerV rocket fish sting about 5’8 and 3/4 long

Spot on Artz. Saw it a mile away. Some people. 

Had to be Peru. Right?

Oops Nambibia. Doh 

I think the   worm grind    video is better  you can see how shallow the water is , I believe its a sand spit . Sorry I dont know how to put the video on Sways . perhaps Hippo008 would be so kind .


Sinse this is sways, heres a full how to. 

------------------------------How to Embed Videos Into Your Swaylocks Posts from Other Video Clients-------------------------------

if you are feeling technical, you can embed (see previous post) videos with an embed code.


1.Go to your videos host client or site. For this, we will use YouTube OR Vimeo running a normal script in http

  1. Find desired video, in our case, the “worm grind” video


  1. Scroll until you see the “About” tab under the description. One tab directly to the “About” tabs right, you will see a tab titled “Share”

2.Click “Share” Tab

  1. Locate the sub-tab labeled “Embed”

4.Highlight code, windows press (Ctrl  C)

5.move to sways, hit the little tab on the comment bar that looks like a piece of film. One to the left of the source tab

  1. windows (Ctrl V) save



1.On the top right hand side of the video, you will see a small paper plane, when you hover over it you will see it is labeled “Share” 

2.two script bars down, you will see a thin box labeled “Embed” 

  1. See Youtube steps 4 - 7.



African Skeleton - With MONSTER ENERGY’S Matt Bromley from steven michelsen on Vimeo.


Proneman, that too is a very long wave.

I am a bit bummed though.  When I saw the long left and thought it was Peru I was thinking that I could one day go there.  But now realizing it is Nambibia, aint no way.  I am a goofy footer.

Roger, that was very cool. Have read about and seen still photos of your approach, but that was very illuminating.

Why not? Namibia isn’t that hard to get to… good add-on to a South Africa trip?

Footage by filmmaker John Smart…who was shooting for the Tyler Warren movie about 6 or 7 years ago (movie never released or finished?)…I was heading back up the point when I decided to take off on this wave…As you can see, it was makeable from quite a bit further up the line! Riding a 9-8 Paul Gross roundtail. 

With help from Hippo…just figured how to embed.




awesome kneeboarding - and the dudes smiling, how nice is that to see - and how uncommon - no posing, just having fun!

That answers my question about that wave…which was “Does it work when it is small?”

Anybody around this place been there?







Hey Greg,

you might be thinking of Chicama in Peru? It’s a very long and nice wave but generally not very hollow.

make sure you get there though, it’s unforgettable and there are plenty of other long lefts to go with it!

this is how I scored it in 09’.  Top picture is ONE of FOUR OR FIVE SECTIONS! 

Hope you get there mate.


Yes Chicama. Holy cow. Beautiful.

All the best