the wqinner ot the caddilac ES you bee

just got home there’s lots to read Wholly kau kau have written mucho longhand in the BOOK. more when Im able to sift the book… have we been marriachi validated O 'V aquerros? no pampas estan a la playa arena solomente. kokua I got your T- shirts and you didnt win the Caddilack ES you Bee SWaylock won it I personally dont think it was necessarily fixed …The guy is just lucky he was the only one to get in with the racoons farfel the racoonns partied late on pork ribs an nobody saw’em after that…you comin to town?.. ambrose

…Ambrose, …Could give me the name of the hotel you mentioned to me at the gathering.My wife took the bait,and I’m reelin her in!!! …it’s either that or the Waikaloa Hilton on the big island(nice break in front,“A” bay,maybe you’ve heard of it?)or both? hum?guess in Nov.Herb

sheraton princeville thats the upscale deluxe a-go -go with cheese…otherwise… call liz hey at 8088221177 b&b referal service will dog knows some Haena ins an outs too! the game is afoot! ambrose

Ambrose-primero Vaquero!!

…looks glassy for the trip so far.Herb

Howzit Brose, I did a Young Bros run yesterday but wasn’t sure if you were back yet. Checked your area when I passed and didn’y see any one around,figured you were still not back. You mean I actually won a T-shirt? I’ll catch you next time i’m in the area. Aloha, Kokua

Howzit Herb, You and the wife finally coming over? You’re always welcome to hang out. If there’s any thing I can help with just let me know. Greg Hunt(Ghunt) was by Mon. with his wife, Very nice people. I’m sure he’s enjoying the 8’ southwest swell that hit tues. afternoon, should make for some really good Pakalas. Still nothing on our side but any day now> Aloha, Kokua