The writing was on the wall

‘Was’ being the operative word there it seems !


nothing worse than when somebody erases good grafitti

another blank wall

clean and painted

no emotion

no life



diego Rivera did walls

aw shuckin’s


when you peel

the ear of corn

you cant throw

it on the coals

all you can do

is steam it.

it can taasste

so special

when the husks

get a little burnt

now you’ve got me interested pacman …tell me more !


now you’ve got me interested pacman …tell me more !

You guys are funny… I originally posted an interview of Yater by Pezman on Renny’s take on Clark Foam from volume eleven, number3, page 59 (surfers journal 2002). It’s insightful

Just after posting it I had better judgment to not post published material.

send me your e-mail and I’ll send it

Hey Skip , I was there at Castagnloas old fish store that day and there were some good stories told to Pez by Renny. I know Mike Kew just did a interveiw with Yater for the Surfers Path. Happy New Year ! KP