Theory on how this tail would perform

I am constructing a hallow wood surf board, dimensions are 5'.7"x 23"x2". i am planning on making it a keel fin with a square tail. the only thing is  the square tail is going to be about 1 foot in width and 1 inch thick. (looking at the board from the tail, nose pointing away from you.) ive seen pictures of surf boards like this before, but are they actually build to perform? or just for looks? and how would it ride ( would it be difficult to perform turns ect.)


thank you for your time



sounds like a mini simmons to me, and  yes they are a blast! flat rocker and bring the keels back a bit, super fast

sounds like it would be super fast, as square tails release water quicker than any other tail

Thanks for your guys

Man  - I am looking at making somthing quite similar.  Wood board - cedar with marine plywood frame.  My thoughts right now are 5’10" x 24" x 2.5"…  Also as a quad and with a rounded tail instead of the square.   It’s too hot to work on it now, so I have some time to mull it over.

BUT, these boards are good.  I just made an EPS board that was 5’10"x23"x3" with a quad setup, step deck and round tail.  It totally rocks.