third board build somthing fishy

So  not much going on here recently thought I could contribute what I have been working on for the last little while.

Started with a 7'2  bb short board blank  maybe not the best way to start for a fish but it was cheap a shaper was haveing a clear out so why not.

The blank wasn't wide enough  for my template. So a cut it up the middle and glued in a 1 1/8th cedar stringer. Could have just made a narrower board but its spare time in the shed.


Can’t figure out why the pics don’t show in the first post.

Seem to have forgotter to take any pics as I glued the stringer or shaped it so 6’4 x22 x2 1/2


glassing didn’t quite go to plan, to start with the swallow tail was harder to deal with than I had thought I knew it was going to be a pain but…
Then I ran out of resin as I was doing the laps mixed up some more so wasn’t to much of a major but the biggest issue was that the green on the deck ended up blotchy and a lot darker than I had planed.

6x4 deck

6oz bottom with tail patch

kenetix epoxy

3 hour flip and it was 17C in the shed

Plan was for a quad +1 but maybe a twinzer

Ether way I can’t finish it for a while as I have run out or resin thought I had enough to get a hot coat on but it seems not.

nice one.

interesting fins

looks fun…hard to decide between quad and twinzer but with that fin template, I’d be going Twinzer…

Some progress fins are in some sanding tomorrow and fill coat on the deck hopefully.
Should have done the deck clear but to late now live and learn.
Finding that I am noticeing more details on other boards every time I do somthing wrong
hopefully I remember them next time an good example would be laps around the tail straight down the sides next time.

Hotcoated the deck and have moved it into the houseto cure but of sanding to do tonite hopefully.
Will probably just sand the hotcoat on the deck bottom and call it done still need to fit a leash plug or maybe a loop.
Fins still need foiling to.

Hopeing that it will be done but next weekend and the awful surf we have been getting changes.

Got a a couple of surf on the board now getting my head around the differnt foot placement from the pinny single I’ve been surfing, the wide tail needs a heavy/rearward back foot was 3-4 ft with the odd 5ft set today lots of fun goes bloody fast and holds its speed though turns. Next time I should have my fins foiled smaller canards and less raked main fins.

Already planing the next one shorter with a slightly more pulled in nose this building surfboards is addictive.

Hey mate great work!. Im a fish lover, but I reckon you could go smaller. It is true what they say, smaller fish work very well. I had a 6’2", went to a 7’3" {pop out, dont ask!}, now I surf a 5’9". Smaller is better in my most.humble opinion!. Im not a fish nazi though, so build it how you want it!.