this Rusty looks like fun…ge=2&board_id=41

Some cool stuff going on.


from the website:

GREEN OR GURU? Both. Beginners will benefit from the stability and intermediate and experienced surfers will love the new, loose feel.

so is it stable or loose? typical rusty - its both! classic!

I could see it, with a slight forward footing, y’ know. Fish-esque, with a pulled in quad tail for dudes that are used to riding off the fins more.

Went digging and found this again…noticed it a few weeks ago while surfing every page of the resources for an hour or so – this Thirdshade design originally appeared early this year.

I like this whole idea with a flattish bottom, low rocker, and a flex fin, but some different lengths and fins configurations seem like fun too.

geezzzzus! the hype on that Rusty board is strrrrrraight! outa the 60s 70s 80s 90s and so on. When, O Lord, will shop ad copy writers grow out of that trite BULLSHIT. Wanky names, boards that do it all, everything to everyone… KRA*.

Oh I see the light now… grooooovy, man, hose me some more … lovin it.


Okay, great.

So, about the surfboard…


It’s better known as a fangtail from the early 70s.In your neck of the woods it should fly.They get a bit unstable in throatly-er waves.Herb

that 5’6" looks fun! reminds me alot of the foamie boards with concave decks and thick rails here in aus. i’d say in under 3’ slop these boards would be sick : )