Thrailkill - Elua Pahi Makai

Elua Pahi Makai by Bill Thrailkill; I took delivery this week and got out yesterday morning and took a couple photos.  Not the best quality photos, from my cell phone, but so it goes.  This is a variation of Bill’s Broomtail Fish, and i believe the HI’n translates to “Two Knives to the Sea” in honor of the fin set up.  I am in a bit of a hurry this morning but wanted to share, I have the toughest time posting photos here so I created this slideshow here:  


Board is roughly 6’8 x 23 x 3.50…maybe 3 5/8

I am 6 ft tall and 215 - 225 pounds depending, 41 yrs old

Stringer is Redwood and Basswood (I think its basswood) and it is chambered

Main twin fins by Fins Unlimited, with a brushed finish…I am not a technical person, I call it brushed because at the moment I cannot remember the actual term for it

Small corner fins made by Bill, made to hold the tail in bigger surf or more critical sections out there on the far corners

Glasswork by Bing shop/former Channin’s crew for the most part, and Bill I have not said it yet, but please give my best to the glass shop, I am only just starting to realize how great the glasswork is on this board

Really like the lines of this board, and especially wanted to comment on the tail, it is an arc tail, but I personally really like the sharp corners shaped into the foam, the board has a lot of curves and flow, and the contrast of these sharp angles is interesting to me

I have not yet surfed it but looks like we might get some good surf later next week, Hurricane alley seems to be firing up off of Africa 

As in my past experience, Bill blew the roof off of his shaping bay on this one and really produced a truly unique piece of work, I have only had the board a few days so I am just starting to soak it in but there is a lot going on here with this shape/design.  Board feels great under my arm.

Can’t wait to get it in the water, more to follow after some surf

Many many thanks Bill.





ok, I cannot edit my post, but the link might not be working… Christ.

lets try this link:


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I’d have um both waxed.

Ha, you better rip on either one or they are going to sail over to Japan in their secret dreams. 

Really nice boards. Yes my back still hurts but I got about four hours in today. The swells last push.

Ride report please.




Main twin fins by Fins Unlimited, with a brushed finish..I am not a technical person, I call it brushed because at the moment I cannot remember the actual term for it.


The fins have a ''matte finish'' which has certain hydrodynamic advantages.    

Aloha Warren,

Have you had an opportunity to wring the board out in some larger waves yet?    Any photo's perhaps?


I have actually been enjoying the OBQ lately in waves from head high to waist high…good to get on it again.  Got the broomtail and went thru a period of ignoring the OBQ; so I am looking forward to rotating back to the broomtail in my next go out; more to follow asap.  Photos included should I happen to get any…I’m not one to get many photos nor take many, the ones I have of me surfing are complete surprises I just happen to come upon while reviewing my local surf report pages.  Hope all is well.



Edit: Thanks Huck for posting the photos; I only recently figured out how to post them here, every site has its method/glitches…not a bad little bottom turn on a nice Fall wall at one of our most highly populated “secret spots”…(insert red rolling smiley lmao face here)

Thats a phenomenal looking board. I dig the double single look, very cool Bill!!!


Thank you for the compliment.     The board looks much more striking in person, than in the photo's.   The laminated stringer has also been chambered to reduce weight.    There are a number of special ''tweeks'' that I incorporated in this board, to not only ride well in small surf, but to excell in much larger waves than you would expect.   The fin setup beside working in a superior fashion, has the added bonus of ''violating what people think they know about how fins and surfboards work.''

Bill , Did you use Wordart to make your Thrailkill Surfboards logo. If you did Shame on you!! That is just not exceptable according to grasshopper !!!


Bill , Did you use Wordart to make your Thrailkill Surfboards logo.


Nope.    Silkscreen on rice paper.

OK !! Your the man!! Shame on me !!

I want one. 

My short list just got a little longer LOL.

Bumping it... had a really fun session on this board in New Smyrna inlet yesterday in small waist+ wedges and surf increased to chest high over a few hours...even in the small stuff this board is up and planing and speeding along the little walls, waves were sandbar low tide type waves, very quick but with a ton of "hook"...these little barrel sections you could just sit in from takeoff and then pump into a little bottom turn to hit the remaining wall at the end of the wave..I had (and have) visions of Michael Peterson's cutback on this board, the ever famous one we all know and love.. I came into some end sections at speed and was just able to do the most solid littel wrap turns on this board, and the thing increases speed as the board wraps around the curve of the turn..anyway, real stoked, and it seems we are coming out of our flat spell this week on the SE coast... we have 20+ mph winds howling for several days starting today with a nice cleanup in store for late week into weekend possibly

you can ride this board chooked up on the nose area and just do these nice full trim pumps up and down the face, or you can fall back to the tail and crank it around

anyway, I had a great time, beautiful day, some surf, this board really cooks is all I can say

drag...what drag?

Thank you Bill!


This is another design that fascinates me.  Do you mind if I ask how far forward you run your fins?  

[quote="$1"]   Do you mind if I ask how far forward you run your fins?   [/quote]

The significant measurement is to the base LEADING edge of the fin.    Warren will have to respond with the measurement.    I don't recall what it was.