Thruster fins on guns

What is the thinking behind putting thruster fin setups on big-wave guns? As I understand it the thruster works best when it can be pumped to take advantage of its extra drive. It seems that a single-fin setup would be much more efficient on a big-wave gun because it causes less drag, and you definitely don’t need to gather more speed on a wave like Todos, Maverick’s or Waimea. Also it seems that singles hold in much better on the long fades and drawn-out bottom turns that traditional big-wave surfing is all about. Any clues?

…Think about this Cody…why does Laird and other big wave toein boys use the tri-fin set-up?Herb

On guns and tow boards the general trend is not to set as much toe and cant with smaller fins. This results in less drag than a traditional thruster and more stability than a single fin.

I think that Laird & those guys use thruster/twin setups because they can take advantage of the thruster’s maneuverability and drive but on a much larger scale. Those guys are basicially doing small-wave surfing on a gigantic scale. I seem to recall that some of their early tow boards had almost a straight-ahead twin setup, but as they refined other aspects of the design they found that they could use thrusters and not lose any speed because of the immense amount of power and speed provided by the waves themselves. However, what I’m asking about is more along the lines of traditional big-wave guns, like 9 to 11 footers. It just doesn’t seem to me that a thruster setup is an advantage on such a large board, which is pretty much built for the drop and the run for the shoulder.

…Thrusters allow you to ride higher in the pocket where the most wave energy is,this equals more speed.Also,Tris are out right more stable in bigger waves…and with my Superchargers IT OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF ADVANTAGES IN BIG AND SMALL WAVES.I don’t need to pump for energy using my chargers…due to their draft capabilities.I can straight line it just as fast if not better/faster than a single fin of my board’s equal in mass.Herb

Don’t forget that fin foil, template & size the infinite combinations of them also play a huge part in how boards trim on a steepening wave face. Rail fins can give huge advantage and just the opposite depending what they look like and how the board they’re on is configured. Every board is different and some single fin guns real do get up and move. Have a look at a twin fin fish screaming down line some time and tell there isn’t a place for a twin fin set up on a gun too. Off shore and 5-7 feet here today and I’ve got some kind of stupid virus. Shit! Get some waves for me! Mahalo, Rich