Thruster set up

Just got some feedback from one of my little grom pilots. Board was super fast , easy to catch waves but a little sluggish coming around. I had a wider than usual nose and a bit thicker foil in the nose also. I am going to whittle this a little on the next one but I was wondering what effect moving the center fin up 1/4" would have? Some theory please? I used 1/16" toe-in to give it some drive which worked great but also might have worked against me in the turning dept a little. He rides the 5’4" range right now. Any ideas?? Thanks MLC

…Thin out and narrow the nose.Set your toe at 1/8".I’m sure you’ll find it will work better for the munchkin.Herb

Krokus, I’m sure the extra volume, particularly in the nose, makes the board a little less responsive. Changing balance between center fin hold and rail fin lift by adjusting the percentage of fin area toward the rails will definately allow the board to squirt from rail to rail more quickly. Moving up the center fin will cut down the turning radius. Both changes will reduce holding power. Mahalo, Rich

Excellent! Thanks guys…I’m on it… MLC