Timber Veneer Channel Bottom (and blank hot wiring)

Corecell deck on. rails done. ready for glassing.

nice work JL

I brushed on some epoxy resin in around the channels, let it kick for about 2hrs until it was tacky (its cold weather).

Then I laid out some wax paper over half the board. Over this I laid out my cloth (2oz) folded down the centreline. Then I could lay out and tack down the cloth in the channels working my way out from the centreline. Remove the wax paper and do the same on the other half. After this I mixed another batch and laminated the bottom of the board.

Board all glassed. Would’ve been better to just paint on the epoxy in the radius of the channel only I think, also a bit more radius on the edge of the channel. Theres some bubbles etc in there. Will find out tomorrow how much extra work I’ve got to fill and fair…

What an inspiring build.

Elegant process thruout. Thanks

Heres the bottom all sanded ready for filler. There were some small bubbles on the ridge of the channel otherwise all good.

Filler coat going on now.

All done. Wet sanded finish to 600grit. Lots of hand sanding. I have no fingerprints on my thumb.

I’ll get a few more pix of the rail and channel stringer details, they turned out nice.