Tint question

I want to do a tint over the whole board top and bottom and the same color. Do I mix a batch of resin for enough to cover the whole board. And do I need to do a cut lap if i mix enough to do the whole board but only kick what i need for each side.


Glad you are thinking ahead. I’d mix up enough uncatalyzed resin for both sides and then a tad more for pinholes, sand throughs or whatever. UV catalyst is your friend here. If you use yellow tints or light variations you will have fewer problems. Pay particular attention to your details in sanding and screening your blanks with tints. The darker your color choice, the more the subtle flaws and low spots will show up. Cutlaps for sure and expect that anywhere you have multiple layers of cloth the tint will appear darker. Buena suerte and let’s see some pics!

Tom S.

Exactly Spaz…

My last two boards were like that, it’s fun. The one I just did tonight is a solid orange/yellowish tinit, top and bottom and came out KILLER. Mix enough for top and bottom, and put a little bit in a small cup for touch-ups. Make sure to do cutlaps on the top and bottom as well.

Just one more thought. Make sure you filter your resin after you mix it up the whole batch, and when it is not in use keep it covered with some alum foil to keep bugs, and hairs out. Other then that I think Tom has it pertty will covered.

Alright. Just what i thought.