tint question

I just did a light blue tint and the area under the rice paper lam turned out slightly darker than the rest of the board. How can I prevent this in the future ? Should I use clear lam resin under the rice paper prior to laying the tinted laminating resin and glass ? Any insight would be appreciated.

the rice paper is darker because the paper absorbed the resin (and the color along with the resin), so you have more color layered under the paper. in the future, laminate as usual without putting in your logos, and then add them on top of the tinted lam with a small patch of 2-oz or 4-oz glass.

Yeah what Soulstice said about a bit of glass over any lams. I have found out the hard way that a thick hot coat isn’t enough. I sanded into the paper, several places, and ended up doing the design over again with pigmented resin. It came out nicer than the rice paper would have, but it was 4 hours more painstaking work. Excellent practice for resin pinlining though, and in the end I’m pround of the finished product.