tinted lam. flow

when doing a tinted lam…do you apply light pressure to the resin with the squeege? it seems like the harder i push the more resin gets in the cloth and causes darker spots. still learning…

…A even medium pressure works best for me.Herb

when i mixed the resin i used a straight moss green. i didn’t add any black or white. it came out very washy looking. to get rid of that look should i make my resin a little opaque? will it smooth out evenly, or look that way? sorry. i’m trying to get every possible tip…because it’s art and it’s difficult…thanks herb

You picked a tough color…transparent greens,blues,red etc. show every flaw in a blank…scratches,holes,pour lines.Its probably best to add white for any of these colors but it will give you a pastel sort of look.As for using the sgueegee I like to round the corners off a bit.I wet out the board and really work the resin,next I squeegee it pretty dry.Lastly pour more resin and wet it out again…use your sgueegee in long even strokes at an angle and work the resin from the center to the rails.When done I flip the laps and clean every thing up with a squeegee that is ground down real thin and fexible.It just takes practice. R. Brucker