Tip learned here saved me...

A while back I read a post about using a heat gun to restore/ repair accidental dents made in a shaped blank. Well, I tried it today. I accidentally dinged my almost finished blank with a 2 foot plastic level. “AH SHUCKS”, I said. OK, it was edited for this post; but it rhymed with shucks. I remembered a post here about using a heat gun. I grabbed my wife’s heat gun she uses for craft projects and let it rip. Just held it about 1" to 1 1/2" away from the 1" long by 1/8" deep ding. I kept moving it, so I wouldn’t over heat one area. It began to rise up like magic. I was careful not to burn or melt the area, since those little guns get really hot. I was so excited, I began to scan the whole blank for any other indented imperfections. I found another barely noticeable dent and made it vanish too! This repair technique, along with the “sugar/ foamdust + white glue hole filler” are an invaluable repair aid for shapers.

…Grant, It’s really an old pro-shaper’s secret that’s been around for a long time.I think many of the pro guys that post here regularly knew about it,but were(I think)a little hesitant to reveal the little tip,one: because it’s too easy(and they wanted you to learn paste and match first?)…two: it’s too easy to cook a hole in a blank with a heatgun!Becareful,and glad you liked it.Herb

Well, the secret is outta the bag! I’m sure the heat gun technique won’t work for major deep dents, but it’s a cool way to quickly repair those irritating little ones. Thank you all, Grant (the dent master).

Does this weaken the foam??

…Grant, Believe it or not it will take out some hairy large dents.What it won’t take out are: deep scratches,tears,cuts,gouges,holes(either by accident or purposefully).AND you can actually depress the foam quite deeply BY OVERHEATING AN AREA.Not to mention a quick yellow to burnt brown meltdown,if left standing in one spot too long.You can also warp your rails,outlines,rockers,tails,etc. …John C., In small amounts I don’t think it makes a hill of beans difference,but any larger areas or over use, sure it’s going to be weaker/softer.Also once the board is lammed or glassed completely,this will not work!The only thing you will accomplish here is burning/melting the glass,and foam, as well as cause delam.Herb

…Good example of a dinged blank saved!Herb

Thanks Herb! I wasn’t too sure who posted this great technique on Swaylock’s. I’m gonna refrain, however, from calling you my hero. But, you’re still a very knowledgable and helpful surfboard maker & surfer!!

…Had to do that after that last post above(sorry). …No problem Grant, …I’m not the best example of a Hero anywho…keep building,Herb