Tips for Hot Coat and polish

Just sanded down a board to the cloth, can anyone give me tips and things i should look out for when doing the hotcoat and polish coat

Digger, Did you sand down to the cloth in a few spots, or everywhere? It’s not uncommon to hit the fabric on places like rails or edges, even though we try to avoid it. When you do your hotcoat, be sure it’s thick enough, especially around areas where you want to get a sharp edge, like the bottom of the tail. Then sand it down only enough to get the board smoothed out, and looking the way you want it. THEN STOP. There’s a tendancy to keep on sanding…just a little more…a little more, until: RATS!!!..there’s the fabric, now what. Well, the gloss will fill in those spots, but there are limits as to how thick you can build it up. Try to avoid fixing goofs with the next step if you can. For polishing out the gloss coat go to the archives. There’s lots of excellent information from guys who really know their stuff. Viel Gluck (Good Luck) Doug

Howzit Digger, Basting the rails with lam resin before hotcoating helps in preventing hitting the weave when you sand. Aloha, Kokua