To Aussie customers "Win Yorky surfboard" drawn 20 Dec.

Hey guys and Girls,


We have been doing a promotional push over the last 2 weeks & we are giving away a YORKY BOARD!


This is your last chance to enter so get in quick as the board will be drawn tomorrow being 20th Dec.


All you have to do is go to our YORKY SURFBOARDS FACEBOOK PAGE & hit the “LIKE” button & it will take you through to the entry form.


This is for Australian Residents Only - please read t&c’s.





Very clever marketing idea, wish I was there!  Or maybe some board makers in the states will follow the idea!  Always hoping.

Ha ha…feel free to like anyway! if you win well…I din’t know lol

Thanks mate!

I like your boards Yorky.

Buggered if I’m going to sign up to disgracebook to hit the like button though even if I can win a board.

Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and profitable new year.

If Coil was giving away boards, i’d be in favor of returning their “Ride Report” thread from their Swaylock’s Surfshop banishment and putting it back into General Discussion.

I got my wife to “like” it!!. No entry form though. Hope my wife (me!!) wins!!!

Hope the shipping costs to SA don’t send ya broke Yorky. Looking forward to my new stick…


Mmm, if the entry form didn’t show up there is a tab on the lefthand side of the page “win a surfboard” that will take you to the entry form.

Good Luck!

On the fb page, or website??


Where running the comp on the Facebook page mate.

Good Luck!!!


such a shame that you guys will miss out, cant wait for the new board yorky.  By the way, the new signs look awesome mate


Digger, I’d like nothing more then if you won mate!

As soon as the signs went up and the front door opened the people came.

as they say

“Build it, and they will come” or something like that…

Went down to your factory yesterday mate and saw the signs at the roundabout and one at the corner, good idea yorky, you cant miss em, plus the sign on the factory itself looks excellent.  Pity I missed ya.  Might be able to pop in on friday, show ya the blank Im working on, im super stocked with how its going, hopefully will be completed by friday, plus be able to wish you and gav a merry christmas then.  If not Merry Christmas buddy, hopefully will catch up for a surf one day in the new year

So, who won??

So, who won??

Entries on the 20th at 11:59pm. it’s 7:30 pm on the 20th here in Oz, so no winner yet. Drawn On 21st.

Hey Digger, thanks for your best wishes. All the best to you and your family also.

Today we had 30 plus people through the doors, were getting a great response.




so simple a adjustment mate, a few well located signs, a good facebook page and word gets around that yorky is here!


Yeweeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, well done mate.

well, who won mate.??????????/

Sorry to burst your bubble di99er, but it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me. I’ll let Yorky do the big reveal, but I just thought you should be let down gently… :slight_smile:

We was robbed mate.