To Greg Webber

Youre rightly regarded as one of the best shapers in the world. Could you share a wee bit of your philosophy regarding rocker and flex? Fact or fiction? Mystery bag: why do your shapes look like theyre (frozen in time) under tension? Maybe thats why they fly? Like stop action muscular flex unleashed. Very good youve gone to writing it up in Sways!

Hi Aj, well I’m pretty into flex and have been since around, 1992. I did some really curvy full concaves, to highlight the powers of the concave, but found a secondary factor which was enhancing the hold. That’s the flex. In current materials there is a narrow range of acceptable flex, nearly always it is less than what is ideal. Sure, the rocker of the board increases during hard turns, but how this explains an increase in hold I’m not sure. I rode a super flexy s-core salomon board a year ago, and during a hard snap/carve type of turn it bent so much that it slowed right down to almost a halt. Having developed things further from the first attmpts the s-cores have it perfect now. On another s-core, on an island in the pacific (Lord Howe) I surfed a 61 on a 2 foot wave at one break,and on 5 foot wave at another break only 10 minutes later, and found that it ‘fitted’ into each wave curve perfectly. Maybe the even foot weighting of the cutback on the bigger wave, decreased the rocker to add to the hold, while the back foot point pressure of the tighter cutback on the little wave, increased the rocker to fit better???Not sure. However, the idea of creating a board with next to no rocker that can flex to a certain required pre determined maximum, is really interesting. I know of Greenough and Mitchell Rae over here in Aust. Who has mucked around with big flex over your way? Even in the body board world??? GW

Greg, You might want to check these guys out if you already havent. FD

GW… wish we had met here. I’ve developed a more flexible resin that could be used for differing flex patterns. Not only that but we can change the flex in the resins even beyond this resin. What I have found through the years is that the flex patterns in the resin must match up with those in the fabric. In other words, use a stiff resin with stiff fabric, such as carbon. Use flexible resins with flexible fabrics, such as Syntech, to achieve a different flex pattern.

Off to Salomon to check out their R and D act, heard it’s huge…what do you think of what they are doing?? GW