To Herb S

Hello. I’ve watched your boards from a far for awhile now…Read your posts for awhile now…

and finally I saw one of your boards in action. I met your brother at Seal Beach a couple weeks

back - he was ripping it up on a nice looking fish (I was the kook on the longboard getting pounded).


Was Ray riding the green or blue fish? Herb

I believe it was blue…


look in the photo archives in the 6 foot range(#208=Ray’s fish,#200 my fish).The photos really don’t tell the best or correct picture/image ,but you’ll get a look at them anyway.Most of my boards have changed and I need to update/add some new photos in the archives soon.Also look at #201 in the 8 foot range,lots more in there as well.Herb

email me,I always have good used stuff around.