to Herb ! [the turbocharged man]

Hi Herb,

I want to put a set of SC’s on a quad fish I’m making. The board is really narrow for a fish, only 18" wide maybe slightly less. It’s a no nose with a fish tail.

The options I have for fin setup is twin, quad like a mandala (fins on each side close to gether) or quad like a gemini (all fins about equal distance from each other). I know that the gemini setup has a loose but very solid feel to it. The mandala Bernie has is a bit too thick for me, so I didn’t feel as in control throwing it hard on edge.

I noticed they go on the outside of the fins. Is it worth putting these in? Should I make the board a twin with SC’s instead?

I haven’t done it yet,but is was my next move.

And yes,I believe it will enhance the Traditonal Quad set-up.


? any more people have test ride reports to share on this thread , please ?



…i ask , because a coupla friends will try herb’s ones out …in indo , and south coast nsw [both of which get good waves but ssssshhhh…

Talked w/ my bro Ray last night.

I built him a traditional fish a few months ago.

He decided to Supercharge it.

In his words,“It makes a big difference in performance”.

This is coming from someone that dis-liked the idea from it’s start.

Now,after a few boards with them,he knows the difference.