To narrow for a beginner

I just shaped a home depot blank and I am getting ready to glass. I am having some doubts about the design. I am a beginner and the board is 7’ 6 long, 2 1/2" thick, 20 1/2" at the wide point. It has a wide nose and tail.

Do youguys think it may be too narrow and too short for a beginner to learn to surf on. Maybe I should start again before I waste a lot of glass and resin.

Even without knowing your height, weight, and where you’re going to be surfing, you should still go ahead and finish this board. You might find that it’s the perfect beginner’s board. Score. You might find that it’s not the perfect beginner’s board, so then you have to shape another. Double score, as you get to shape another board, and you have something waiting for you once you’ve progressed. With this in mind, it’s possible that screwing up boards is really the best way to grow your quiver…

Point taken. I am 5’ 6" and will be surfing the New York and New Jersey area.

I don’t think I can resist the temptation to glass this board anyway. I am probably going to start another board before spring anyway. I think I will go a little longer and wider.

Weight is more important than height.

If you weigh less than 140 lbs. or so, you should be fine.

Then again, or you in good physical shape?

Are you learning to surf or have you already been out a few times? If the latter, then I think that board will be fine. Anyone who at least has some sense of balance (e.g., they can ride a skateboard) can learn on shorter, narrower boards just fine. After all, many of us now in our 30s and 40s learned in an era when there weren’t any big wide longboards around anywhere. I learned on channel islands shortboards of the mid-80s. Sure, it’s easier to get into waves and do the wobbly stand up commonly seen from beginners if the board is long and wide, but people shouldn’t be encouraged to do that wobbly one foot at a time stand up anyway. They should practice on shore until they can pop all the way up in one fluid motion. A mid-length board with some width in the tail should get you into waves and be plenty stable. (unless you weigh 250lbs. or something).

I am only 135lbs, although I don’t have a lot of upper body strength

I am in pretty good shape. I did quite a bit of snowboarding and in the

east on ice that is saying something. I was able to stand up on my friends

8 ’ a few times. This board has a very wide tail so maybe I will be OK.

Gonna go ahead and glass it tomorrow. Wish me luck


I’ll think you’ll be fine. My cousin has learnt on a 7’6" x 21" x 2 3/4" and it’s a good size for him. Sure his board is slightly larger than yours but he is 200lb. So at 135lbs, your board should suit you well (providing that is has a lowish rocker).

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