To Roy/Tom...............Wax Giveaway Thread.

…Sorry if I was the cause of your thread being closed.I was abit harsh and make no excuses for it.

However I stand by What I wrote(less the insults)and believe it to be 100% accurate,but that doesn’t give me the right to ruin your fun and games.

If the mods will unlock it ,I will delete any part or in whole my posts in that thread.Thankyou.Herb

Howzit Herb, Just checked and not only does it look like the thread was locked but also taken off the board, went back 5 pages and can’t find it. Don’t go soft on me now, you are like me in the sense that we always tell it like it is. Aloha,Kokua

It’s in Errors and Bugs, but it’s locked.

Good man.

Flat here

Need to skate


Roy’s other topic on GPS results also got binned and is in errors and bugs!!!

shame I just wasted 20 minutes or so venting!

anyway being an accomplished Rocket Scientist this is what I wrote about Roy’s GPS data…

[I’m starting to come around to this - when you hear these incredible speeds you go yeah bullshit!

…but when you look at the data, the top speed is achieved over a very very small amount of time and distance - so really on average - not very fast but there are optinum parts of the wave that do accelerate the board a great deal in small amounts.

This is probably due to the boards weight because as we all know here that the speed isn’t generated due to Roys’ awesome power hacks!

I’d like to see a study into the speed or thrust of a heavy wooden board compared to a surfer generating speed through turns on a shortboard.

because I reckon Roy might actually be onto something

maybe a wooden surfboard going straight to the beach is faster than a foam surfboard going straight to the beach - ie no turns just sheer weight

Then see the difference with a very good surfer on a shortboard generating speed through turns - you might want to use the same surfer on a wooden Roy board - and maybe a wood shortboard version too.

Then we’d have a Show!

  • sceptisicm here is mainly due to the small test sample - you have to test various board types against your boards (fast board times compared to what???) How do we know that yours is faster than a standard 6’3" thruster or a quad or a fish or a nickel plated tow board???]

I know when I go to far one way or another,but you Kokua and Paul J. keep me from getting to soft,that’s foresure…lol.

Just haven’t had any takers in the neighborhood lately…I guess ?

Hey Squid-Ink, I read that post of yours on the GPS speed data thread and then they closed it down?! What was wrong with that thread?

Everyone was cool…

Roy was showing heaps of corroborating evidence for that particular ride and speed, I believe him on that call and he was good to show us all the info that we have always wanted to see. Good on you Roy !

I think you are onto something too, NOW youve coughed up the info, thanks.

Lets see some more of it for higher speeds too, go Roy.

For you Greg,and others

You can click on the image to inlarge.

BTW…just turn that dog(The Newfoundland) gold and white and that’s what Koa looks like.

Howzit Squid_ink, I think the biggest factor is what happens after you out run the wave that’s propelling the board. As soon as that happens the board slows down til the wave catches up to the board again. Seems like this will limit the speed.This would definitly be a factor if you just go straight. The place for the speed run would need to be Maliea (spelling) on Maui or some other really fast wave and not going straight but down the line. Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Herb,Nice dog and I can’t imagine you going soft.Aloha,Kokua

Hope you get that one too Herb! I’d hug the shit out of those Newfies

My life has never let me get to soft…lol…heck ,what would be the fun in that.

No worries Herb, I appreciate your input and the fact that you speak your mind even if I think it’s all bollocks !

The only trouble is that when things get a bit personal or go round in circles then the threads get locked because of Sways very civilised rules. . … . apart from that I don’t mind thrashing it all out no holds barred etc.



PS We have read a lot of good things about colloidal silver and its possible value for your complaint. . might be worth checking out ?


Roy,I 'll do that.Thankyou.

I have a new heightened respect for you now…I hope and wish the best for you and yours.

You’re the dog’s bollock’s to me,man.Herb



You’re the dog’s bollock’s to me,man.Herb

Roy, here in the States, that’s a very nice compliment :slight_smile:

I really dig on what both of you guys have to say…so I’m kind of pleased to see you getting along.

I also have felt for some time that Roy “may be on to something”. Although…all it takes is one more surfer in the entire world to nut up and wear a GPS and then post the results.

That will, pretty much immediately, show that either:

  1. All waveriding is pretty much in the same ballpark

  2. Roy is indeed “on to something”

  3. More testers need to go for it before any conclusions can be made

As for me, I’m betting on #1. But no, its not worth the couple Benjamins it would take for me to buy a computer-happy GPS unit and prove it.

Come on…someone has to have one. What have you got to lose? So Roy surfs faster than you…big whoop. But what if you beat his speed…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: